A Shade of Vampire Book 32: A Day of Glory. by: Bella Forrest

“Because one can’t simply fire a Novak…”

Return to The Shade in the EPIC FINAL BOOK of “Season 4”!


This is the final book in Season 4. And Bella has said there will be a season 5 series. I am super excited for what is to come in the upcoming books.

I have to say my heart is super happy for Victoria and Bastien, and for Grace and Lawrence this was an awesome book.

In this book so many things are happening. Victoria and Bastien have been mated and they have a battle ahead with his family, but with the help of one of The Shades witches and her son they are able to find a cure for his family and save themselves.

Grace and Lawrence grow closer together since she has been cured. He also takes over where his mother left off so long ago with exposing his father and his league. It is a fight but they come out on top.

River and Ben get some news from when river was taken and had eggs stolen from her. She has a son that she never knew about but plans on getting to know him now that he is in The Shade. Ben is going to stand by her side and support her in anyway he can.

Most of this book is about the TSL (The Shade League) fighting against IBSI to cure the bloodless. I can not wait to find out how some of the people fair after coming back to being themselves.

If you have not ever read this series before I know you are going HUh!!!! but trust me this is an awesome series and gets better every book. Her books are free if you have Kindle Unlimited so it will allow you to catch up to where she has left off. I encourage you to get these books and start reading them you will not be disappointed and you will have a hard time putting them down.

Here is a list in order and in Series of the Shade:

Series 1: Derek & Sophia’s Story

A Shade of Vampire: Book 1

A Shade of Blood: Book 2

A Castle of Sand: Book 3

A Shadow of Light: Book 4

A Blaze of Sun: Book 5

A Gate of Night: Book 6

A Break of Day: Book 7

Series 2: Rose & Caleb’s Story

A Shade of Novak: Book 8

A Bond of Blood: Book 9

A Spell of Time: Book 10

A Chase of Prey: Book 11

A Shade of Doubt: Book 12

A Turn of Tides: Book 13

A Dawn of Strength: Book 14

A Fall of Secrets: Book 15

An End of Night: Book 16

Series 3: Ben & River’s Story

A Wind of Change: Book 17

A Trail of Echoes: Book 18

A Soldier of Shadows: Book 19

A Hero of Realms: Book 20

A Vial of Life: Book 21

A Fork of Paths: Book 22

A Flight of Souls: Book 23

A Bridge of Stars: Book 24

Series 4: A Clan of Novaks

A Clan of Novaks: Book 25

A World of New: Book 26

A Web of Lies: Book 27

A Touch of Truth: Book 28

An Hour of Need: Book 29

A Game of Risk: Book 30

A Twist of Fates: Book 31

A Day of Glory: Book 32

Series 5: Dawn of Guardians

A Dawn of Guardians: Book 33

Here are some more books that kind of go with the Shade or should I say how some of the people of the Shade came about. Here is there stories.


A Shade of Dragon 1-3


A Shade of Kiev 1-3

More books by Bella Forrest.


Beautiful Monster 1-2


The Gender Game

If you would like a list of Bella’s book, visit her website: www.bellaforrest.net

If you would like to join Bella’s VIP email list and she will personally send you an email reminder as soon as the next book is out sign up at: www.forrestbooks.com

You can also follow The Shade on Instagram and check out some beautiful pictures that remind people of The Shade go to: @ashadeofvampire

You can also check her out on Facebook and talk to other Shaddicts as we call ourselves. Just go to: www.facebook.com/AShadeOfVampire

I really hope you enjoyed my blog I do not like to give out Spoilers if I can help it. But this is an awesome series and very worth the read.
































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