The Cowboy Abducts A Bride by Erin A. Walsh

Due to a tragic accident as a child, Emma’s face was scared for life, making it difficult to find a husband willing to look beyond her broken looks.

Ellen, Emma’s sister however, suffered from the exact opposite problem, having every man who entered the house wishing to marry her and only her, but having to refuse due to her vow of never leaving before Emma has found someone.

All of that changes when a handsome cowboy named Isaac enters the house looking for a wife to take home.

It’s sister against sister in this western romance of love, marriage and betrayal…


Even though this is a short book and most of what happens is in the description it is a decent book. To me it would have been better if it was longer, and told of what happened after he chose her (whom I will not name and give it away).

This book might take you an hour if that to read. It could be considered a short story instead of a novella because it is shorter than most of the novella’s that I have read.

If you are looking for something quick to read I would say this could be a choice to consider.

Since I am still new with blogging I am not sure how to do the Stars yet but I rate this book 3 STARS.


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