A Shade of Vampire: Book 33 A Dawn of Guardians

Return to The Shade and reunite with your favorite characters in a brand new heart-pounding adventure!
A Dawn of Guardians is the start of “Season 5”, a thrilling new storyline.
New romance to fall in love with.
New mysteries to unravel.
A new journey to lose yourself in…
Your Shade family is waiting for you!



Wow is all I can say for this book. Bella has done it again. Sent us on another amazing and exciting adventure.

If you have read all of the books then you will remember when Ben and Rose were supposed to go to this outdoor wilderness camp but instead snuck off to Hawaii then got kidnapped by vampires. Well, this time Rose and her husband Caleb and two other couples decided to send their kids to the same camp. Well, let’s just say they probably would have been better off if they would of snuck off to Hawaii, but instead they were good kids and decided to stay there.

Things started to seem strange to their little group and when they went to another island to start their experiencing survival things got very odd and out of control. They decided to go back to the main land until they could figure out what in the world was going on. After they got there things spiraled out of control and Hazel, her brother Benedict, their friends Ruby, and Julian were the only ones not effected.

After the shit hit the fan they ran across 5 guys that they knew were not human. It was a new species called sentry. They can control your mind and make you do to their will. They are like vampires in a sense that they feed off of your mind instead of blood. They took the group to their island in the supernatural realm.

The sentries that kidnapped them were all brothers. Since there were only 4 kids that they could bring from that island one of the brothers stayed back to try and find his own human. They needed the humans to be their cohort. They had some tasks ahead and they needed someone with a strong mind to help give them strength on their trials. Their father is the emperor of their land which has 6 provinces that are ruled by 5 kings and 1 queen. Well, their father’s rule is about to be up and a new emperor is to be appointed. And only the most worthy man or woman of the land can be the emperor. So in order to find out who of the 5 brothers would compete for that spot their father has given them a task and the winner will be able to compete along with the others.

So, they need the humans to go along with them on these tasks to help keep their mind strong and it is an adventure full of surprises. Tejus the eldest who has taken Hazel tells her that if she can help him win he will convince his father to let the other humans go back to the human realm. I do not want to give any spoilers away so I will not say what happens.

But, I really hope that Tejus and Hazel end up getting together. I am not sure how old Tejus is but I hope he is young enough in looks to get together with Hazel. We shall see. This book is so worth the read.

The next book in the series A Sword of Chance Book 34 comes out October 20,2016 so you have time to start on the series if you have not read it yet.

Happy Reading.

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