Bare Girl by: Bella Forrest

Megastar Isabel Morales has never been one to shy away from controversy. But after a particularly daring, full-nude shoot on Wall Street, it’s not only the media that has spiraled into a frenzy. Fans, and heck, the entire world seem to be turning against her.

Rants, insults and death threats – Isabel has experienced it all in her time… But never like this.

Her stunt was meant to be a statement of empowerment to women. A show of taking back her body from the capitalists who claim it as their own. But people don’t get it.

When Isabel vanishes in broad daylight from a building, Private Investigator Erin Bond receives a desperate call from Isabel’s manager requesting her to join forces with the police in the case.

Erin suspects she’s in for the ride of her career, but given Erin’s own celebrity status as an abducted child, she never thought it could become the ride of her life…

Nothing is as it seems in the search for Isabel Morales


This was the first time I have ever read a thriller book without any romance involved, so this is new to me, but I have to say that I loved the book and I am so looking forward to the next one.

Erin Bond was kidnapped when she was a little girl, and was released 11 months later unharmed. She didn’t remember much about that time except the number 31 that was wrote on her hand the day she was released. They never caught the kidnapper.

She grew up to be a private investigator and specialized on kidnapping. Little did she know that she was programmed to do this when she was kidnapped. A major star was kidnapped and she was assigned to the case to try and find her. She did not know that all of this was something that was set up all those years ago.

When someone from her past recommends her she did not know who he was and when she started to investigate him she found out he was a part of her past that she didn’t want to be reminded of. When the man that hired her found out that the man that recommends her was a fraud he fired her but she was too invested to just go away.

She teams up with the guy from her past and they start to put clues together and found out where Isabel (the superstar) could be. She tries to get ahold of the police but they really didn’t want to believe her and when she told them she was going to break into the house of the person they suspected to be holding Isabel they got in contact with the police she was working with. They somewhat believed her and sent help.

By the time the police got there everything had already happened. (I don’t want to give anything away.) They found things that were very disturbing and found the location of a big time serial killer.

Erin decided after the case was closed to go on a research vacation to follow up on what Eddie (the guy from her past) had said to her. She knew there might be more people like her out there and she wanted to try and help them.

This book also gives Isabel her point of view as well. She thought she was doing what was right for all women but listening to her kidnapper she realized that she was not doing all women good at all.

This was a good book considering I usually only read romance, even if that novel has killing and kidnapping it is not the same when romance is not involved but it was still a good read.

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