Wild (Chicago Underground #4 by: Skye Warren

Once upon a time I was the girl who had everything, the clothes, the car. The rich dad who spoiled me. But the truth was, the only thing I had was my body. I used it to buy my way out.

I took a bite of the apple knowing full well what would happen.

That’s how I became a call girl. That’s the story of how I ended up in hell.

There’s only one man who makes me wish things had been different. One man who could never be with a girl like me. Luke is a cop. Untouchable. Unbreakable. And dangerous in his own way.

When I end up on the run, he’s the only one I can turn to.

And he just might be my downfall.


This book is the start of Luke and Shelly’s story.

Luke is a cop and Shelly is a prostitute. She wanted him but she knew she was not good enough for him so she had become his informant just to stay close to him. That lead to her getting shot. After she was shot he sat with her in the hospital. He felt guilty but she didn’t blame him for any of it.

She had promised him she would get out of the business and she did try went to an interview to only find out that the manager was a previous client. She knew it was hopeless and she would not be able to change and she was running out of money. She could not go back to Phillip even though he had told her if she needed anything to contact him but there was no way she could to that. She had betrayed him in the worst way.

She got sent to a party but she didn’t really want to be there. She wished Luke would save her but she knew there was no saving her. She heard something in one of the rooms and even though she knew she should just walk away and keep her nose out of it she didn’t and the girl ended up punching her and leaving the room.

She chased her down and got her out of the hotel before they ran across their pimp and he beat the crap out of them or worse. Well, it looked like he did something to them after all. She didn’t know where else to go so she took the girl with her to Luke’s and while they where there she heard Luke tell the department that he would bring them in. The girl (Shelly named Ella because she won’t give her name.) was watching the tv and seen that they were wanted for murder at the hotel.

Shelly and Ella take off and the only other place to go is Phillip’s house. He let them stay and he wants Ella because she is so innocent. Shelly does not want that to happen. She is trying to find a way to clear their name and get them out of trouble and safe.

She meets Luke asking for his help but he is not really wanting her to be near him. He wants Shelly but he will not have her as long as he believes she is hooking. She is not sure if she will ever be able to get out of the business.

One of the owners of a business who does “massages” but other stuff behind the door told Shelly she needed Luke to help her that there was some stuff going on and the girl she is protecting can put their pimp away. She needs to get to the bottom of this because she wants to get out and she wants to help Ella.

She has to figure out how to get Luke to help her and she needs to decided what it is about him that has her feeling this way. 

Will she give into her feelings for him and will he let her in or will they always clash. Guess we will have to wait and see. 


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