Sweet (Chicago Underground #7) by: Skye Warren

My brother is both powerful and cruel, which means I have a lot of enemies I’ve never met. He swears he’ll keep me safe, but what I want most is to break free. I especially want to break free with Drew, my brother’s lawyer.

We shouldn’t be together, but everything about him draws me. His intensity, his kindness.

And the way he looks in those custom tailored suits.

One night when he’s outside my bedroom, I give him a sexy show. And in doing so, unlock Pandora’s box. Drew shows me everything I’ve been missing. He touches my body and my heart, but when the truth comes to light, we’re both in danger.

The cost of my freedom may be the man I’ve come to love.


This book is the story about Rose and Drew.

If you have read all of the books so far in this series you have already met Rose and Drew. Rose is Phillip and Colin’s sister. Drew is Phillip’s lawyer. They have been making eyes at each other for years but she has been to afraid to take the next step, and Drew is the kind of guy to wait and not push.

She has finally gotten tired of waiting and makes a move that starts the ball rolling. She does things that she never thought she would ever do, but it got the results she wanted.

They have to keep their relationship a secret for now because she is afraid of what her brother Phillip will do when he finds out. She is living with Phillip right now but she wants to get her own place. She feels that it is time, plus it would be easier to see Drew that way. Her body is hurting from the years of ballet, but before she can do permanent damage she retires and wants to open her own dance studio.

Her friend in the ballet is also a realtor and she has found her the perfect spot with an apartment above it. She tells her brother about it and wants to tell him about Drew but he kind of warns her away from him.

They continue to see each other behind his back and one night Drew is coming to see her at her studio and is hit bay a truck. She is distraught and goes to the hospital. Phillip finds her there and the truth comes out. He tells her to back off or things might happen. She pretty much tells him to go to hell.

After Drew gets out of surgery she goes into see him. She falls asleep and wakes up to voices. Drew asks for a few minutes and he tells her he wants her to leave. She is so upset and doesn’t understand why but she knows her brother has something to do with it. She keeps trying to help him even when he leaves the hospital early. He finally ends up telling her to leave and not come back or he will have the front desk call the cops.

She leaves and her place has a note on the door that something is wrong with the permits to the renovations she is having done. She knows it is her brothers doing but there is nothing she could do right then. She spends a few nights at her brother Colin’s place. She has not talked to Phillip since she left the hospital.

She gets the permit stuff worked out and opens her studio. She has about ten dancers and she is in heaven except for the part where Drew is supposed to be in her life too. One night after her students have left she turns on some music and just dances to free her mind and spirit. After she is done her phone rings and it is Drew.

He wants to come and see her, that he misses her. She misses him so much that she has him come over. He tells her that the hit was no accident but it was not done by Phillip. That is why he pushed her away he didn’t want her to get hurt.

They head back to his place and lets just say they make up, and work everything out in the best way possible.

This series so far is awesome and I am so looking forward to Phillip’s story next. This is a series that I highly recommend.

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