A Sword of Chance (A Shade of Vampire #34) by: Bella Forrest

“It’s fight or die in the treacherous land of Nevertide.”

Prepare to reunite with the Novaks in another heart-pounding adventure.


Wow, just wow!!!!!!!

This  series only gets better and sends us on even more adventure every time a new one comes out. I love Bella Forrest and her books. I hope you have picked up A Shade of Vampire and started on your own journey into the land of The Shade. I promise you once you start you will not want to put them down.

I must say that after reading the book I am a little torn over whose team I am rooting for in the next book. But I will probably have to stick to Team Tejus. (you will understand after you read the book…… remember I try to not give out any spoilers.)

Hazel ends up having a fight on her hands when Jenus comes to her and shows her Benedict’s watch and lets her know he has them hidden away. She is horrified that they did not get away.  She will do whatever he wants her to do in order to keep them safe. But, he wants her to kill Tejus so he can take his place in the trials. She says she will do it and is on the verge of getting up the courage to do just that when there is a knock at his door telling him the emperor (his father) is very sick.

He takes her with him because he does not want to let her out of his sight. Someone had already tried to take her once. She is worried about what will happen when Jenus sees that his brother is still very much alive.

Meanwhile, Ruby, Benedict, and Julian are trapped in a root cellar. Ruby hears someone coming and she screams for all she had to get help. (This happened before the emperor was sick.) The man on the other side of the door tells her it is locked and he needs to distract Jenus in order to rescue them. He leaves and comes back later to get them out.

His name is Ash and he works in the kitchen of the castle. He told them that he poisoned the emperor just enough to make him sick but not to kill him so it would keep Jenus busy for a while. He takes them to the border so they could try to find a way to the portal. Well, someone had put up a barrier and no matter how fast they ran they never reached the trees. Ash came back to them and took them to the castle to his room. Ruby agreed to help him in the trials in order to keep them safe.

When they get to his room Benedict tried to find Hazel to let her know that they are ok. Him and Julian set off to try to find her. They find a creepy hall and it has a barrier in it as well but Benedict is able to break though and what he finds is very strange and I can not wait to see what it all means. On the way back Ash finds them and Benedict tells him that he has to get a message to Hazel. He takes off his shirt and Ash agrees to give it to her.

When  Tejus brings Hazel back to his quarters from chasing after her. She sees Benedict’s shirt and she loses it. She thinks he is dead and she goes into a fit of rage, Tejus can not control her and she runs off. She is stopped by Jenus and he takes her back to Tajus quarters with Tajus following behind. Jenus tells Tajus that he is wanted by someone and Jenus takes Hazel to his room. She still thinks that he has them and for now they are ok.

Once they get to the grounds where the trials are to be held. She is determined to help him win so she can save her friends and brother. She does not see Ruby, well she sees a girl helping another but she does not know that she is Ruby. The wired gold halo over the arena starts making all of the sentries cry out in agony. The humans are fine except for the sentries trying to drain their energy to help them out.

Hazel is so puzzled and is taking everything she has to stay on her feet with Jenus draining her energy. She feels for the rock in her pocket that she took from the sword so she could reenergize herself after Jenus drained her. She was wobbling around and that is when someone grabbed her arm and when she looked into the eyes of the girl she finally seen that it was Ruby and she found out they were ok and not under Jenus’ thumb. She started fighting Jenus off and seen that was going to be a hard task so she sent her mind out in search of Tejus. She hoped he would be here somewhere and she finally connected with him. She noticed by his vision that he was behind her and she threw all of her mental energy to him letting him see everything that had happened over the last twenty-four hours and of the gold thing above the arena and the words that were on it yesterday.

Tejus jumped into the arena and spoke some words and everything went silent when the sentries were not under the spell of pain anymore. Him and Jenus got into it and was told they broke the rules by more than one member of a family in the arena at a time. Ash had won.

When they got back to the castle Hazel was escorted to the room with the rest of her friends and family. They were all glad to be brought back together. Later that night there was a commotion and Ash came in to tell them that someone would be by to tell them later but the emperor was dead. Hazel was puzzled by the looks of everyone’s faces. She started getting suspicious of Ash then.

Tejus came to tell them that due to recent events and findings he was reinstated to continue with the trials. He took Hazel to the roof to ask her to help him. He wanted her to get Ruby to help but she already knew that was not going to happen. They melded their minds together and made them even stronger. She wanted to show him not just with words that she really wanted to help him.

Ruby went looking for Ash, he told her he wanted her to go back to her room that there was no reason for her to help him now that Tejus was back to competing. She tried to show him her mind that she wanted to support him but he blocked her off. She finally worked her way through and in his mind was black with despair and she showed him what kind of man she saw in him. He finally started to believe her and in  doing so their bond grew even stronger.

Rose and the rest of the group was still trying to figure out where all of the missing people had gone and who took them. They interviewed a few people and she thought about calling her own kids (Hazel and Benedict) but she decided against it. What she doesn’t know is that it is going to kill her when she finds out they are missing and she waited to try to talk to them.

What will happen in the next book. Not sure, but I do believe it will be an adventure. Find out with me on November 9, 2016 when the next book.  A Shade of Vampire 35: A Race of Trials is released.


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