Our New Love (A Short Story, The Bradens): Bradens Ever After, Jack & Savannah (The Bradens Novella Collection)

This is a 56-page SHORT STORY featuring Savannah (Braden) Remington and Jack Remington.

You fell in love with Jack and Savannah in Bursting with Love (The Bradens). Now fall in love with them all over again and experience the birth of their first baby while catching up with your favorite characters from the Love in Bloom series in OUR NEW LOVE, a short story.

If this is your first introduction to the Bradens and the Remingtons, you have plenty of romantic, full-length novels awaiting you. The Bradens and the Remingtons are part of the Love in Bloom big family romance collection featuring several families. Characters from each family series appear in future Love in Bloom books. All Love in Bloom books can be enjoyed as stand-alone novels or as part of the series.

The Bradens are part of the LOVE IN BLOOM BIG FAMILY ROMANCE COLLECTION. Love in Bloom books may be enjoyed as stand-alone novels or as part of the series. Characters from each sub-series appear in future books. Visit Melissa Foster’s website for series checklist, family trees, reading order, and more.


BOOK 1: Sisters in Love
BOOK 2: Sisters in Bloom
BOOK 3: Sisters in White
BOOK 1: Lovers at Heart (Treat & Max)
BOOK 2: Destined for Love (Rex & Jade)
BOOK 3: Friendship on Fire (Josh & Riley)
BOOK 4: Sea of Love (Dane & Lacy)
BOOK 5: Bursting with Love (Savannah & Jack)
BOOK 6: Hearts at Play (Hugh & Bree)
PROMISE MY LOVE (Rex & Jade’s wedding novella)
DARING HER LOVE (Kat Martin & Eric James, novella)
OUR NEW LOVE (Savanah & Jack, a short story)

BOOK 1: Taken by Love (Luke)
BOOK 2: Fated for Love (Wes)
BOOK 3: Romancing My Love (Pierce)
BOOK 4: Flirting with Love (Ross)
BOOK 5: Dreaming of Love (Emily)
BOOK 6: Crashing into Love (Jake)
BOOK 1: Game of Love (Dex)
BOOK 2: Stroke of Love (Sage)
BOOK 3: Flames of Love (Siena)
BOOK 4: Slope of Love (Rush)
BOOK 5: Read, Write, Love (Kurt)
BOOK 6: Touched by Love (Boyd)

BOOK 1: Seaside Dreams (Bella)
BOOK 2: Seaside Hearts (Jenna)
BOOK 3: Seaside Sunsets (Jamie)
BOOK 4: Seaside Secrets (Amy)
BOOK 5: Seaside Nights (Sky)
BOOK 6: Seaside Embrace (Hunter)
BOOK 7: Seaside Lovers (Grayson)
BOOK 8: Seaside Whispers (Matt)


This was a sweet novella.

If you have not ever read any of Melissa Fosters Love In Bloom Series then I suggest you get started. There are a lot of books to read and she is an awesome author. Her books can be read as stand alone but to me they are best read in the order that they were written to better understand the families.

This novella is just a short story of the birth of Jack and Savannah’s baby being born. It also gave way to a double wedding of two of her brother-in-laws getting married. That was something that was good to know as well. Also it gave some insight on some of her own family and what has been going on with them. I don’t want to say much because I do not like to give out spoilers and this is a very short read. It is basically a catch up book on what has been going on in some of the lives of the Braden’s and Remington’s. I hope you will get this book but I would advise you to start from the beginning.


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