Rapturous (Quantum #4)

The story begun in the initial Quantum Trilogy picks up on Oscar night after Academy Award-winning director Hayden Roth kisses the woman he desires above all others, even though he knows she can never be his. Addison York craves her boss’s best friend, Hayden, but he has never given her an ounce of encouragement—until tonight when he kissed her after winning the Oscar. Was that kiss the start of something or another in a long line of frustrations where Hayden is concerned? Something is keeping him from acting on the attraction that simmers between them, and Addie is determined to find out what it is. But when she stumbles upon the secret that Hayden, Flynn and her other close friends have kept from her, will she allow hurt feelings to get in the way of true love? When Hayden won’t share his BDSM lifestyle with her, Addie decides to conduct her own research. Will she be intrigued or repulsed? And what will Hayden do when he finds out how she’s been spending her evenings?



This story picks up at the Academy Awards where the Quantum Trilogy left off with Hayden winning an award for best director. He kisses his long time friend Addie (Flynn’s assistant) who he has been in love with for years. Even though he knows she feels the same way he does he can not go there with her because he does not want her to find out what he is really like for one and another he does not think he will be able to commit to her due to his past.

His parents got divorced and it was ugly. He was ignored most of the time and his mom spiraled down with addictions from alcohol, drugs, and men. His dad was not much better being married four times. As he started becoming famous his dad would hit him up for money but he would not give him any. He kept putting his mom in and out of rehab hoping that when she got out this time it would work for her. His dad’s old house keeper and her son took him in like family when his own flesh and blood ignored him.

Addie has been in love with Hayden since the first time she laid eyes on him when she was young. They have been keeping their feelings to themselves but now that Hayden kissed her in front of millions and really meant it by the feel and power of the kiss. She is going to get what she has been wanting for as long as she can remember.

She tells Natalie at the after party that she is going to seduce him. Natalie knows what is holding Hayden up and she is worried about Addie. Addie tells her she is fine and she can handle him. On the ride home Natalie tells Flynn what Addie said and he said not to worry about it that Hayden wouldn’t touch her. Plus he had a talk with him in the  bathroom and told him to keep his hands off of her if he could not commit. She relaxed a little but she was not sure if that was going to matter because Addie seemed very determined to get her hands on Hayden.

After Hayden came back from the bathroom he would not look at Addie, he knew he needed to keep away from her but that kiss kept playing over and over in is head. Now he needed to just drop her off then get on with his life.

Addie was ready when they got to her place she knew he would walk her to her door. As soon as they got there she didn’t want to let him go but she needed to get her keys. As soon as she opened the door and asked him if he wanted to come in for a minute he said he really shouldn’t but she grabbed him and made him come inside.

She kissed him and reached inside his pants to stroke him. She was not going to let him get away without getting what she wanted this time. He could only take so much and was forced to give in. They went into her bedroom and he gave into his pent up desires. He took her. For both of them it was the most incredible night of their life. He knew she needed more than he could give and so he left while she slept.

He needed to break the ties quick so no one would get hurt worse. He could not stop thinking about her feel and taste and it was driving him crazy. He wanted her so bad but his lifestyle was one thing he didn’t think he would be able to give up and there was no way he was going to bring her into it.

Addie was hurt that he was not there when she woke up and even more so when he would not answer her text. When she went back to work the day after she would not answer her she ignored him. He kept trying and trying to get her to talk to him but she didn’t give in. When she got home he was there waiting on her.

They talked and one thing led to another and they were back in bed. He gave into some of his desires and he had told her this would be the last time. He could not keep doing this. Since it was going to be the last time she took advantage and got what she wanted at least once more. He took her the way he wanted because if it was going to be his last time with her he wanted her in every way.


She is going to figure out how to fight this and get him to accept them even if it kills her. She knows they could be good together if he would just give them a chance. She is sore but she is going to go into work and start on her plan to get him back.

When she goes to the office she goes to Flynn’s office and the door is cracked and she overhears him and Natalie talking. He knows something is up but I have tried to keep it casual. Sometimes it sucks when people know you very well. They are talking about how I should know something, when I go in and confront them they wont say what it is that I should know. They say only Hayden can tell me.

I know this has something to do with what he is holding back and why he doesn’t want to move forward. I go to confront him. He tells me what it is and that he can’t be with me because I wont be a good sub to him. I tell him I can and he says he wont train me. I tell him that I will find someone who will. He gets pissed off and tells her she will not let no one touch what is his. He tells her that he takes back what he said but she said no she was going to find someone else.

He is about to lose his mind thinking about what could happen plus the thought of someone else putting their hands on her. It is going to drive him mad.


She looks up information online about the lifestyle and she knows just the person to call to help her with this. She calls her stylist friend and makes up an excuse to find the best BDSM club. She gets her in and sets up a time for her friend to come and get her.

When she is leaving work she runs into Hayden and on the way out she notices that he has set up someone to follow her. She knows just what to do to get back at him. He heads to her dads house. She spends a few minutes with her dad and calls an uber to come and get her on the street behind her dads house. She leaves to go and meet them so she can get home and lose her tail that Hayden has hired.

Her and her friend get into the club and she is a little overwhelmed, but a little turned on as well. She talks to her friends Dom and asks him about having someone train her. She tells him about a guy she really loves but he wont train her.

Hayden is pissed off when he gets the phone call that the guy he hired to follow Addie lost her. Her phone is going to voice mail and he is about to lose his mind with worry. Flynn calls him and he tells him what is going on and he says he will try and find her. He is waiting on a call back from the head of security to call with updates about Addie but the next call he gets is about his mom.

When Addie is leaving she turns her phone on and her phone blows up with messages from Hayden and she kind of loves the way he sounds so worried about her. Then she gets a voice mail from Flynn about Hayden’s mom. She goes to the hospital and finds out she is ok just food poison. Hayden takes Addie home and they make love and she tells him that she wants all of him. He says no that he can’t do it that he wants her in his life but he will not bring her into his BDSM part of it. She tells him it is all or nothing.

Hayden leaves and she is so upset. Flynn calls and knows that something is very wrong. he tells her he is on his way over there. When he gets there with Natalie and Marlowe they come up with a plan to get Hayden to see reason. Flynn is not to sure that this is a good idea given Hayden’s temper but Marlow is sure this will do the trick.

The next day Natalie finally gets her drivers licenses and they through a gets together. Addie will not talk to Hayden. It is driving him crazy and he had decided that towards the end of the night he is going to pull Addie aside and tell her that he will train her. He knows that is what needs to happen if he wants to have her in his life. He can give her some of the basics to satisfy her needs, but, not show the full length of him.

When he gets ready to leave he is looking for Addie but can’t find her anywhere. He asks Flynn but he said she left about thirty minutes ago, but he does not know where she went. He asks Natalie and Marlowe and they share a look letting him know that they know. They tell him they can not say where she went. He blows up and Flynn tells him to watch how he speaks to his wife.

Marlowe sees that everything is going according to plan. She asks Hayden if knows Devon Black? All of the air leaves his lungs when that name comes out of her mouth. He asks what he has to do with it and when Marlowe saying that she has gone to Black Vice he doesn’t hear what else she says.

He takes off and driving faster than he should to get there. If someone is touching her he is going to kill them. She is his and he is going to get her. He feels sick to his stomach at the thought of what could happen in thirty minutes in his lifestyle. He is in agonizing pain because he knows that it is his fault that she went somewhere else to learn this.

He barges into the club, now Devon is on board so he is looking out for him. As soon as he comes in he steps in the way and Hayden just about loses it. He wants to see Addie and he wants to see her now. Devon takes him to a room and raises a shade. Hayden just about falls to his knees seeing Addie sitting there talking over a contract with someone else. Devon flips a switch and they can hear what is being said in the room. Hayden can’t take it anymore. He has tears falling down his face when he asks Devon to please set it up to where he can talk to Addie.

Addie comes into Devon’s office and notices Hayden there. She can see that he has been crying. That touches her heart. He tells her he wants to train her. She says yes. He takes her out of the club and they head to his house on the beach.

When they get there he tells her to text Flynn and tell him that she is not going to be at work tomorrow and possibly the next day as well. Then he tells her to call her dad and tell him that she is going out of town for a few days because he wants to turn her phone off and doesn’t want to worry anyone. She does as he asks.

Hayden looks over the contract she was filling out at the club and goes over everything with her. Once he takes her into his playroom. He sets her up on the spanking bench but when it comes time to punish her he doesn’t think he can do it. He loves her so much that the thought of doing this makes him queasy. She tells him that she deserves it and for him to do it. So he does and he loses himself in it.

Once he is done he sets her up for the ropes. As they get into it she goes into subspace and he can not believe that she willingly gave herself to him. It blew his mind how she gave herself completely. He never thought she would be able to and he is so glad he went after her.

They continue in the lovers nest. He tells her now that she has committed to this and to him that it is going to be for life. She asks him if that is a proposal and he says no not officially but if it were what would the answer be. She said yes.

The next day he goes and talks to her father. He is old fashion like that even though she didn’t want him to because for some reason her father hates Hayden and she doesn’t know why and Hayden wont tell her what the reason is. Well, Hayden gets an ear full from her father and he tells him that she can do a million times better than him and he will never give them his blessing. That crushes Hayden because he doesn’t want to ever make Addie choose and even if she says she will choose him it will cause a rift between her and her dad and later could cause her to resent him so he cant do that to her.

She gets wind of what happened and goes to confront Hayden. She feels like she is fighting for her life trying to get him to see reason. She finally breaks through a little. They all head to Mexico for a much needed vacation. Things are going great between Hayden and Addie but the ring he bought her is sitting in his luggage. 

Addie overhears Flynn and Hayden talking and she hears Hayden tell Flynn that he is not going to propose because he could never ask her to choose. She tries to hold back a sob but it still comes out loud and Flynn and Hayden stop talking and she takes off running out of the house. It is storming out and she hears Hayden and Flynn calling after her and running after her. Hayden is getting closer so she turns and she starts sliding down so she grabs ahold of a branch. She can not see what is below and Hayden is screaming and she tells him where she is and he says to keep talking so he can find her. 

He finally gets above her and tells her to grab his hand. She is scared and the dirt starts to shift and she realizes she has to trust him because she does not know what is below her. She grabs his hand and between him and Flynn they get her pulled up. Hayden is so relieved that he finally says something that he has not been able to say but has felt for so long.

“Baby,” Hayden sounds as shattered as I feel. “God, I love you so much. Don’t ever run away from me again. Promise me. I love you.” He’s hugging me and kissing me and rocking me as the rain comes down even harder than it was before. “I need you to promise me.”

 After they get back to the house Hayden takes her straight to the shower and makes love to her. While they are in the shower and connected he tells her that she is going to marry him. Nothing romantic about it. After they get out of the shower she takes her and sits her on the bed and goes and gets the ring and gives her a sweet proposal.

The next day they are having a little celebrity breakfast with the rest of the gang. Addie is sitting on Hayden’s lap feeding him some fruit when he feels her stiffen. He looks up to see her dad standing there. Flynn said he called him to tell him about Addie’s accident and to come and see for himself what the rest of them know that the two of them belong together.

He apologizes to them and tells them that he is happy for them. And shakes Hayden’s hand and thanks him for saving his daughters life. He tells him that it was no problem that by saving hers he actually saved his.

On Hayden’s birthday Addie gives him the surprise of his life. He love going public in his lifestyle but for now she can not picture doing those things in front of her friends so Devon said they could do scenes there and Hayden said they would be disguised so no one would know who they were. So she set it up with Devon so he could have this. She is nervous until he starts then she doesn’t even remember that people are watching them. She is so blissed out and giving everything to Hayden. She knows this will only get better.


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