You’ll Be Mine (Green Mountain 4.5) by: Marie Force

Green Mountain short story You’ll Be Mine. Will Abbott and Cameron Murphy are finally ready to tie the knot—as long as family, friends and a love-struck moose don’t get in the way.


5 STARS!!!!!

This is a sweet novella in this amazing series. It is finally time to be with all of the family to watch Cam and Will say I Do!!!!.

Cam and Will are so excited and can’t wait to be married. This novella starts a few days before the wedding. We also get a look at Cam’s dad Patrick and learn a little more about him. We also get to be in touch with all of the Abbott’s and their significant others.

The first night Patrick comes into town he flies in his helicopter. She can’t believe he done that but that is true Patrick form. Show off. She is worried about what he will think when he looks around the town and when he sees their home.

Even though she loves it and is very happy here she really wants him to like it and see why she has chosen Vermont over New York. He really does like it and understands why she chose to live there. Will’s parents come over that night and they eat lasagna. They have a few good laughs and spend a nice night together.

Will has told her under no circumstances will he be making love to her while her dad is in their home. But, she is out to prove him wrong. Does she? You will have to read to find out.

The rehearsal dinner goes off without a hitch thanks to their wedding planner. Whom, we might see later on in a story of her own with one of the twins Lucas or Landon, but I am not sure about that since I really don’t know how old she is but the two are quite taken with her. She is able to settle them down which is a miracle in and of itself.

After the rehearsal dinner the guys go up on Colton’s mountain to have a night together while the girls all gather at Will and Cam’s house. They guys are supposed to sleep up on the mountain, but like last time at Nolan’s get together Will and Colton decided to head back to their ladies. Hunter decides to join them. Will promises not to turn the lights on since it is past midnight.

They enjoy a good night with their women but they are gone when Cam gets up that morning. She is excited and ready for that afternoon to begin so she can see will and become his wife. It is also hard on will it seems like every minute away is an hour.

From what you read the wedding sounds beautiful. Since they love Autumn and didn’t want to wait a year to get married that is why they rushed the wedding this year and it turned out beautiful.

Cam has a surprise for everyone. She is wearing her mother’s wedding dress. She is not sure if her dad will notice or not but she is ok with it if he doesn’t. She just wanted her mom there with them for her special day anyway she could have her. Everyone fawns over the dress and her in it and are even more blown away when she tells them that it was her moms.

When Patrick comes in he instantly recognizes the dress. Cam didn’t know until that moment that she really wanted her dad to recognize the dress and where it cam from. Will wag getting more and more antsy the closer it got because he was ready to be with Cam. Neither one of them were nervous because they knew that they had found the one that they were supposed to spend the rest of their life with.

Will and Colton got settled in place and watched the wedding begin. Colton was blown away when Lucy came out on the porch. He was blown away by how beautiful she looked. He couldn’t take is eyes off of her. Everyone laughed when she reached the end and he stepped out to kiss her.

Next came Cam. Will was still laughing about Colton until he saw his beautiful bride. Then the laughter left him and he was blown away by her. At that moment he could not remember a single time in his life he was more happy.

As the reception got under way there was some funny toasts and laughs all around. Then something very funny happened that had to be included in this story because of the way they met and got engaged. What is it you say? Well, that is a fact I am going to leave out of this blog so you will have to read to find out.

While Will and Cam were dancing she noticed that Nolan and Hannah were having words about what had happened a little earlier but she knew they would work it out. Just Nolan being scared and protective of Hannah and their unborn child. But she also noticed that Gavin went to ask Ella to dance. She shook her head no. They had a few words then she shook her head no again. He walked off shoulders slumped and a heartbroken look ok Ella’s face.

Cam wondered what that was all about but she knew she would have to wait until the honeymoon to figure it out. On the way to their families cabin she asked Will about it and he said he didn’t know and he didn’t really want to talk about anyone but them for the time being. So she let it go.

They enjoyed their time at the cabin waiting on the next day to arrive when they would fly off to Fuji for a two-week honeymoon. They were both looking forward to the time alone.

I encourage you to read this series if you have not already. It is awesome as is all of Marie’s books. I am really looking forward to the next one. It is the one I have been waiting for a while and I really hope it doesn’t disappoint. But, I don’t believe it will.

What I am really wondering is what Gavin said to Ella. That is driving me nuts as I know it is Cam.

Until next time: Happy reading.


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