Tru Blue by: Melissa Foster

He wore the skin of a killer, and bore the heart of a lover…
There’s nothing Truman Gritt won’t do to protect his family–Including spending years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. When he’s finally released, the life he knew is turned upside down by his mother’s overdose, and Truman steps in to raise the children she’s left behind. Truman’s hard, he’s secretive, and he’s trying to save a brother who’s even more broken than he is. He’s never needed help in his life, and when beautiful Gemma Wright tries to step in, he’s less than accepting. But Gemma has a way of slithering into people’s lives and eventually she pierces through his ironclad heart. When Truman’s dark past collides with his future, his loyalties will be tested, and he’ll be faced with his toughest decision yet.


~~~~~5 AMAZING STARS ~~~~~

Wow, I didn’t know anyone could be selfless but Melissa found the one man who I think could fit the bill.

Truman or Tru if you were to look at him you might want to take a step back because of his appearance, but if you were to get to know him, you would find out that he is one of the most loving and caring man you would ever meet.

When Tru was younger he went to jail for a murder he did not commit. His younger brother did. He was not supposed to go to jail and he would be able to still protect his brother, but, their bitch of a mother had him put away.

For six years Tru served in jail. When he got out he tried to find his brother who had ended up like their mother hooked on drugs. His brother was so high he told him to go to hell. Then he went underground until a night that Tru will never forget.

When his phone rang six months out of prison. He let it ring not answering it and on the third time it started to ring he thought something might be wrong so he answered and it changed his life forever. Their mother was unresponsive.

When Tru got to the address Quincy gave him he went inside after listening to all of the screaming. His gut twisted inside but he went anyway. When he was inside his brother told him that she had died. The screaming he found out was a little girl and a baby. He asked if they were Quincy’s but he said no they were their moms.

Tru ran over picking them up to quiet them down. They were filthy and had on dirty diapers. He could not believe the condition they were living in. Quincy told them they were born on the streets no birth certificates. Tru asked him how he could let them live like this and until he wanted to get cleaned up and off the drugs not to come near the kids again.

He stormed out after grabbing some diapers and a nasty smelling blanket. When he got home he washed them up and put them on one of his shirts, then went to the store to get them somethings they would need.

When he was decided what kind of diapers and formula to get he noticed a nice looking woman checking them out. She come over to help and she was a blessing. Helping him get all of the things he would need. She kept asking questions he was not ready to answer.

Gemma was a woman who wanted love. She wanted to be loved and to have children of her own. But, that would never happen for her, well the having kids part anyway. She grew up in an environment where everything was loveless. She was taken care of by nannies. She was in her own kind of prison. Now she give little girls one day to be what ever they want with her princess for a day business.

Gemma and Tru shared something at the store and she could not get him out of her mind. She stopped by to drop off her car and to see the babies. She wanted to see how he was settling in with them. The more they talked the more she liked him.

As time went on they were very hot and heavy for each other and falling for each other, but being the guy Tru is before he could go all the way with her he had to tell her the truth. Well, the truth that he told everyone, that he was in prison for murder. After he told her she ran away crying.

He wanted her in their lives she made things better for him and for the kids, but like his friends said he might never see her again. He sent her pictures that he had drawn of his past with little notes. He didn’t want to give up.

Crystal (Gemma’s best friend) noticed something was up and did what she had to do to get it out of her. After Gemma told her what happened Crystal tried to tell her that he did what anyone would do if faced with that. After a few more days Gemma could not get him or the kids out of his mind.

She went to see him. Let’s just say things get heated and not in a bad way. Their bond they formed is so special and so loving. You will be brought into the story that you will not want to ever get out of it.

I don’t want to spill all of the juicy details or how it ended. I want you to read the book so you can see what an amazing story it really is and I am so looking forward to the rest of the gang finding their true love as well.

Melissa Foster never disappoints. All of her books are amazing and I am happy to say she is one of my favorite authors. I encourage you to read any and all of her books.

Does Tru and Gemma get their happy ever after?

Does he get to keep the kids?

What happens with Quincy?

Those are things you will find out when you read it.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.

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