Surrender My Love: Cole Braden (Love In Bloom: The Bradens At Peaceful Harbor Book:2 by: Melissa Foster

Annalise “Leesa” Avalon never realized that one sentence could change her life until one of her students revealed his crush—and within twenty-four hours she finds herself under fire. After a grueling investigation that turns her life upside down, she steals away to Peaceful Harbor, Maryland, with a new identity to try to pull herself back together and figure out her next step.

From the outside, Cole Braden lives a charmed life. He’s a top orthopedic surgeon with a thriving practice, strong family ties, and friends he adores. But there’s a lonely spot inside Cole that no one can see. He has an enormous heart—and a painful past—but the desire to love and be loved is too strong to ignore.

A chance encounter brings Leesa and Cole together, and the attraction is immediate and intense. But a relationship is the last thing Leesa needs—and the only thing Cole wants. Long talks, heated moments, and deep connections are hard to resist, but the harder Cole tries, the more Leesa pulls away. Cole might truly be the right man for Leesa, but is Leesa the right woman for him?


~~~~~5 AMAZING STARS~~~~~


Cole is the oldest of his siblings and he is an accomplished doctor. Everything is looking good in his life except for one thing. Someone to love and love him back. He had always been a one woman type of man unlike two of his brothers Sam and Ty. He is so focused on his work that it makes it hard to hold a relationship.

Leesa is starting over. She was a teacher and one of her students that she was tutoring revealed he had a crush on her and when she politely told him that she was his teacher and too old for him he turned her life upside down by saying that she touched him inappropriately. She was put on administrative leave and her boyfriend of two years broke up with her because he was afraid of what it would do to his career. after she was cleared of the charges, she escaped the town she was born and raised to go and visit with her friend in Peaceful Harbor. She needed to get away to decided what she wanted to do with her life now.

The problem was that everywhere she looked she thought someone might come to her and say hey weren’t you that teacher…. But, it was mostly in her head, but it was something that kept her using a version of her real name. She didn’t want anyone in Peaceful Harbor to know what happened in her past. She wanted a fresh start.

One day while she was out running she stopped by to pick up her best friend a coffee and muffin that she loved. She ran into Cole and they had a spark right off the bat. Neither of them could get each other off of their minds.

They met again when she went with her friend to get her cast off of her foot and Cole was the hot doctor her friend was talking about. It took all he had to be the doctor instead of a love struck fool.

One evening he is sitting on the beach in front of his house thinking about Leesa when he looks up and there she is. They get to talking and he finds out she works at his parents bar. She doesn’t want to get involved because she doesn’t know what she is going to do with her life but forces that be keep pushing them together. He asks her out to dinner but she turns him down.

The night of the bachelor auction his brother adds Cole’s name to the list. He is pissed off but he goes to the ATM and gives the money to Leesa and begs her to big for him. He doesn’t want to go out with anyone but her. When it is his turn someone starts bidding and it is the last person he wants to be around. His EX. Leesa finds out who she is so she starts bidding against her. His ex is pissed but that does not stop Leesa from winning the bid.

Cole is so happy that she won and she feels pretty good about it as well. They spend some time with his family that night and she starts getting to know them pretty well. The girls ask her to have lunch with them the next day so they could get to know her better. The decided to come back to the bar so they could watch the guys work on the boat.

After they leave the bar things heat up with Leesa and Cole. She knows that before they go out on their date she has to tell him about her past, because she is afraid of what would happened to him and his career if someone there found out about her. He was fine with it and told her that her ex was a dirt bag and if he would of been there he would of stood by her.

The next day she ends up telling the girls about her past and they were in agreement with Cole. She could not believe these amazing people that she now has in her life. But aside from them being amazing and her growing feelings toward Cole she was still undecided on what she was going to do with her life. Even though it was getting harder and harder not to fall for Cole.

They went out on their date and ran into his ex. She put on quite a show. (Which you will have to read to find out what she done). It pisses Cole off real bad and then him and Leesa go for a walk for him to cool down. Things get heated.

They continue to get closer and closer. Having amazing sex and just being with each other is amazing. She is falling hard for him but she needs to figure out what she is going to do and she feels like she needs to go back and face her past in order to move forward. This hurts Cole’s heart because he wants to be there with her to support her but she says she needs to do this on her own.

Now, like always I don’t like to reveal all of the book. So here is some questions you can ask yourself and see how it ends up.

What happens when Leesa goes back home?

Does Cole’s ex make an appearance?

Does Leesa’s ex make an appearance?

What happens when Lisa confronts her past?

Does she ever get closure and what becomes of her and Cole?

Well, I beg of you to read the book because you will fall in love with this family.

Until next time: Happy Reading.!!!!


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