When a trip back to Ohio for Thanksgiving starts a chain-reaction that drives apart lovers Hanna Breckenridge and Cross Phillips, they find themselves at odds over what they want from their lives. As someone from Hanna’s past returns, a new woman in Cross’s life will change everything.


Make Me Yours: Billionaire’s Sub 2




The last few months with Cross have been the best of my life. I should’ve known that it wouldn’t last. I just never dreamed that things could go from good to bad so fast.


This is the second part of The Billionaire’s Sub. Cross and Hanna have a lot of struggles to go through in this book.

I liked this book the most because it had Hanna and Cross’s POV in it. I love books that give both main characters POV. I didn’t really know in the first book how Cross really felt about Hanna but there is no doubt how he feels in this book because we get to hear his thoughts as well.

It is a book worth reading. I loved this couple. Even thought toward the end it jumps time without telling you it is still a good book.

Thank you for reading.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.

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