Book Review for an upcoming book: Guilty by: Nikki Chase

I’ve climbed my way to the top. Now it’s your turn, baby.

I’m filthy rich. They call me a genius on the front page of the business newspapers, and you’re just as likely to see my face on the tabloids.

I used to love it all. The spotlight, the women, the glamor. But it was getting old.

That’s when Emily sashayed her way into my life. With her long legs and full hips, my reaction was primal and instantaneous. I wanted to rip her clothes off, pin her down and feel those curves writhing under me.

I had to have her. And I’m a man who gets what he wants.

But one split second changed everything.

Now a man lies six feet under, and everything is upside down. A deadly secret stands between Emily and me. I’ll lose everything I’ve worked so hard for if I get any closer to her.

So I swore to keep my dirty paws off her. For her own good.

But when she looks at me with those big blue eyes so full of pent-up desire, those luscious lips tempting me to have a taste, all my good intentions go out the window.

I want nothing more than to break all the rules and make her mine.

Guilty is a full-length, standalone novel with a guaranteed happily ever after. No cheating, no cliffhanger.




I was offered this book in return for an honest review.


This was an awesome first book that was written by Nikki Chase. But be prepared for the suspense of wanting to know what their connection is because I am not going to reveal it in my review either. It is better if you read it so you get the full effect of it.

Cole is this sexy hotshot that owns his own small chain of chic boutique hotels. He is starting to grown his business even more; even though he has his dad on his tail at every turn. He tries to defy his father at every turn but as of right now he is the one that likes to control everything and everyone around him. He is a very powerful man and he likes to threaten to get what he wants.

Cole was also a big time playboy, but that was before he saw her at the bar one night. He was instantly attracted to her. When he went to speak to her she disappeared and he didn’t know where she went and he had to get to a meeting with his dad.

Emily was trying to get on with her life after an accident that claimed the love of her life. She had to move out of her place and went to live with her sister. She was working hard to take care of them both. Emily knew she needed to get a job and with a tip from her sister she was able to get an interview. She was hoping to get this entry-level junior marketing position so she could start to save up money and help her sister out.

Cole usually does not do interviews especially for entry-level positions but this is something he has to do. He gives Emily the job. He fights his attraction with everything he has. He tries to stay away from her so to make it easier on himself.

Something happens and he finds her doing other people’s jobs. He doesn’t like it but he lets it go. One afternoon he is in a weekly meeting with his father and Emily has just found out her manager has quit. Rumor has it they are a couple but keeping it separate from work. Emily is not sure if it is true but he needs to know. His assistant keeps telling her he is busy but she doesn’t give up.

Cole answers the door and reads the note. He knows his dad is about to find out that she works there and he already knows he is not going to be happy about it and it is going to put her in danger. That was the last thing he ever wanted his father to find out.

Cole could not believe that his marketing manager quit just days before they had to go to Seattle for a conference where she was going to give a presentation. Emily told him that she had done all of the work on the presentation for her. His dad said that she would go with him. Cole loved that idea but also dreaded it because he was going to have to work extra hard to keep his hands off of her.

Well, lets just say attraction is way more hard to fight when both parties feel it. They get together and it is like magic. There was an instant connection when he first met her and for her it was the same the first time she saw him. When they touch they feel an electrical current run through them.

Cole is feeling more and more guilty about keeping his secret from her but he is going to tell her when his plan comes to. He just needs a few more days. Well, those few days were too long for fate. One of his “friends” tells her but not knowing what he was telling her and it sends her into a tail spin. She leaves the bar and when he confronts her she tells him to leave her alone.

Cole doesn’t want to leave her but he needs to get away from his father. After he pulled one over on his old man he moves to Seattle to start over. It must be fate because that is what Emily does a couple of months later.

Now here is where I am going to stop and let you get excited about reading this book. Here are some questions for you to ask while you are reading and you will find the answers in the book.

What is the secret?

Does Emily ever forgive him?

Has Cole moved on after he moved to Seattle?

Please believe me when I tell you this book is worth it to read. It is not released yet but as soon as I get word on the release I will post a blog about the release. It should be very soon she just has a few things she needs to work out. But be on the look out for the new release blog.


Nikki Chase is a contemporary romance author who lives in the Pacific Northwest but dreams of roaming the world. Guilty is Nikki’s first romance novel.

If you would like to follow Nikki on Facebook click on the link below and like her page.

Nikki Chase on Facebook

Thank you for reading my blog.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.


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