Book Review on A Cowboy’s Kiss (Heartthrob Heroes Series) by: Kimberly Llewellyn

Tanner Avery has a working ranch to run and two wild kids to raise. The last thing he needs is a sexy big-city etiquette consultant instructing him on how to civilize his kids.

Jackie Taylor has arrived from Washington D.C., at the behest of Tanner’s wily father. Her instructions are clear: teach Tanner’s small children some manners. She never dreamed her biggest challenge would come from Tanner, the children’s ruggedly handsome cowboy father.

Then, Tanner’s chilly welcome turns into warm embraces and searing kisses.

Now what really needs taming is Jackie’s heart, especially since she’s promised to another.



Even though this book cover says it is book two it is really the first in this series.



Tanner Avery is a hard-working cowboy who has let the guilt he has felt push him to work even harder, and doing so he has not been spending enough time with his twins. His dad has been there helping him out since his wife’s death two years ago. His father called Jackie Taylor an etiquette consultant to come and help the twins with manners.

I think he did it in hopes that his son would find love but that is never mentioned anywhere in the book, but based on the fact that his dad is dating and serious with someone and wanting to move on with his life but doesn’t want to abandon them makes me seem like this is why he done it.

Tanner is not happy when he learns what his father has done and when he meets Jackie (even though he thinks she is beautiful) he lets her know he is not happy about her being here.

Jackie does not know what to think when she meets Tanner (as handsome and sexy has he is) but his rudeness has her thinking this was not a good idea. She sticks it out and works with this kids. They fall in love with her.

On one occasions Jackie was talking to Tanner’s father and he overheard and called her into the living room to talk to her. He tries to fire her but his dad and the kids won’t let him. His son tells him that they see more of him since she has been here. That hurt him and he takes off.

Jackie and Tanner grow closer and the attraction keeps building until there is no space between them. They can’t fight it anymore and they really don’t want to.

Now Jackie thought she was almost engaged to someone back home but while she is on the ranch she learns a lot about herself and the people around her. When trouble hits back home she is forced to leave a day early. She had fallen in love with Tanner and she tells him. He tells her it is not a good idea with her leaving. That hurts her more than he will know.

When Tanner finds out that his twins have been emailing Jackie and his father has been getting post cards it upsets him a little to know that she has reached out but not to him. When his father confronts him he lets it slip about her says something about her feelings and when his father asks him what he said back his daughter said he made a mistake. His father made him see that he needs her and talks him into going to get her and bring her back where she belongs.

Now here are some questions to ask and you will find the answers while you are reading.

Why was Tanner feeling so guilty?

What kind of trouble did Jackie have to go home for?

Does Jackie forgive Tanner for the thing he said when she left?

I look forward to hearing about what you all thought about the book.

Product Details

  • Print Length: 153 pages
  • Publisher: ePublishing Works! (February 8, 2013)
  • Publication Date: February 8, 2013
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC



Kimberly Llewellyn

Writing Genre: Romance, Literature & Fiction, Humor

Known as The Wedding Writer, Kimberly Llewellyn is the author of eight novels, including the IndieBound Bestseller, Tulle Little, Tulle Late and The Quest for the Holy Veil by Penguin/Berkley, New York, NY. Indie books include other best sellers such as Siren Call and Almost a Bride. She can be found on Facebook, RedRoom, and Twitter, as well as Goodreads!

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