Book Review of Playboy Doctor (Heartthrob Heroes, Book 2) by: Kimberly Llwewllyn

Following a failed marriage, pediatric nurse Willow Brady believes she’ll never love again, until a commanding man in a tuxedo whirlwinds into the ER with a baby in his arms.

Pediatric heart surgeon and renowned playboy doctor, Shane Edwards has arrived from London to teach at the hospital. On his first night out, he never expected to find an abandoned baby or such an enchanting and capable nurse ready to receive the tiny bundle.

When Shane learns he is Willow’s new boss, heartbreak and past betrayal keep him emotionally hardened…until Willow and the baby bring out long-buried emotions.

Now he wants more from Willow than a few nights between the sheets.

But Willow has no room for another broken heart. And if Shane learns the truth about her, he will be gone, too.






This was a very heart touching book. It will touch you in ways you will not know until you read it. I wished it would have ended a different way or gave an epilogue at the end to tell a little more information or come out with another book to tie up the rest of what you will want to see the results of but maybe the author will do that one day.

Willow is a nurse and she has had a very painful past, but she tries to put all of that behind her and live her life to make her happy. One night she was working (on her birthday) when a very handsome man comes into the ER with a box in his hands. He looks to be in a hurry, she thinks he is some kind of prank for her birthday, but she finds out quick that he is not and what he is holding in the box sets her into action.

Shayne comes home early from an event and finds a box on his door step. When he peers inside it is a baby that does not look in good shape. He can’t find his keys to get into his flat to get his medical equipment to look over the baby so he takes him to the hospital. When he walks in and sees this beautiful nurse standing there he is blown away by her. When she makes a comment about him singing and dancing he gets a little riled up considering he has a very sickly baby in his hands.

After they get into the room they start working on the baby. Willow is professional and Shayne appreciates that. They get the baby settled for the time being. He is worried about the baby and what all could be wrong but for now he will have to wait on test results to figure out the next steps all the while he is wondering why someone would leave him the baby. This brings up memories of his past that he would rather forget. He does not want to deal with any of that at the moment.

When Willow is at the nurses desk she is steaming. The doctor is arrogant and so damn hot it is taking all she can to put that aside, especially after she finds out who he is. He is known as a playboy and she does not want any part of that. One of the nurses comes up and they talk and she tells her that Shayne is going to be her boss. She is floored.

When Willow catches back up with Shayne is informs him that he is going to be her new boss. He is happy but also not so much because of the attraction. He knows he is going to have to work twice as hard to tamp that desire he feels for her since they will be working close together.

Time goes on and they do get closer and they bond with the baby. Their attraction grows the more they spend together. They reveal their pasts to each other while spending time together outside of work. Except Willow does keep the main thing from Shayne.

Willow has fallen in love with the baby as well. She looks into adopting him. Everything is looking good for that but she is waiting to hear about the paperwork. Her and Shayne share some hot nights with each other while they grow closer and closer.

One morning after an overheated conversation with his brother Shayne confronts Willow with what she is hiding from him. When she finally tells him it tears them apart. They are both hurt. When he confronts her the next morning she tells him there is no reason to talk about it anymore he is leaving and she needs to get on with her life. That her life is there and his is across the ocean.

The only reason she did this was because he wanted a family. She thought she was doing the right thing but after he left her heart broke. Then right after that she finds out that the baby’s mother is back in the picture. He is broken even more. She has no idea how she will get on with her life without him and the baby in it.

That is all I am going to give you. I know I left you thinking well what is the secret, but that is for you to find out when you personally read the book. But here are some questions you can ask yourself and when you read the book they will be answered.

What was Willows hurtful past?

What was Willows secret?

What was Shayne’s hurtful past?

Does Shayne ever come back?

If he does will Willow take him back?

I hope you enjoyed reading the blog. Also I would like to thank you for reading my blog if you would like please comment below I would love to hear from you.


Product Details

  • Print Length: 183 pages
  • Publisher: ePublishing Works! (May 29, 2013)
  • Publication Date: May 29, 2013
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC


 Kimberly Llewellyn

Known as “the Wedding Writer,” Kimberly Llewellyn has worked with four New York publishing houses over the years and is the award-winning author of eight contemporary novels. Berkley Books, part of Penguin Putnam, published her most recent traditional releases, two humorous comedic women’s fiction novels in trade paperback.

Prior to these, she wrote three short contemporary romances for Avalon and Kensington and worked on nonfiction projects for Prentice Hall as a corporate writer for National Assessment Institute.

Her indie books include two best-selling novels, Siren Call (light paranormal romance) and Almost a Bride (contemporary romance). Her Heartthrob Heroes series is published by eBookDiscovery.

She is also the co-founder of Bella Caroll Wedding Wine…the world’s most romantic wine

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