Book Review: The Billionaire Wins the Game (Billionaire Bachelors Book: 1) by: Melody Anne

All newly published with deleted scenes and an additional 25 thousand words. See the first book of the Anderson Series.

Joseph Anderson has decided it’s time for his three successful sons to find brides. Joseph wants grandchildren to fill his mansion, and he wants them immediately. His eldest son, Lucas, is successful in all areas of his life, except love, and Joseph begins matchmaking. He finds Amy Harper and deems her the perfect daughter-in-law. He just needs to get her and Lucas to both realize they’re made for each other.
Lucas Anderson is wealthy, sexy, and stubborn. He has no desire to have any woman enter his life, causing chaos, or using his family’s name. Many women have tried, and he’s been successful in finding out who they are beneath their false smiles.

Amy Harper was raised in tragic circumstances and doesn’t like pampered, rich men who have been handed everything with a silver spoon. She spent years finishing her education and then received a job with the Anderson Corporation. She instantly doesn’t like her incredibly sexy boss, who is arrogant and thinks every woman should fall at his feet.

When Amy becomes pregnant after one reckless night of passion, she’s scared he’ll take the baby and run. Lucas is demanding, and used to getting his way, but Amy has just the right amount of spark to ignite his fuse, and challenges him each step of the way.
Lucas’s father, Joseph, and his brothers Alex and Mark, offer laughter, love, and support. With the love of Lucas’s family, who aren’t only rich and successful, but also kind and giving, Amy starts to realize that being wealthy doesn’t make or break a man, and starts to picture the happily ever after she never believed in for herself.


The Billionaire Wins the Game

Billionaire Bachelor Book: 1

By: Melody Anne



This is an awesome book.

Joseph Anderson is retired and he wants grandchildren to fill his hallways. But, his three boys are very stubborn and will not give in to his guilt trips on getting married and having babies. So, he is going to take matters into his own hands. He is going to fix his boys up with their perfect match and watch them fall in love and give him grandchildren.

Lucas is hardworking, he took over for his dad a little over a year ago and even though his dad still helps with the company it is on Lucas now. He is not looking for a relationship. he likes the situation he has now. When he is in need of some company, he has a few women he can call on who know the drill. His dad will not let up on him and his brothers getting married and having kids but they don’t want that. Well, at least Lucas thought that way until he met his new assistant.

Amy just graduated from college and was told to call Joseph when she did. She would be honored to work for his company especially right out of school. She met Joseph at a career day at school. She knew she worked hard and it paid off. What Amy doesn’t know is that Joseph hired her because she was the perfect wife for Lucas.

When Lucas meets Amy he is blown away at the automatic connection he felt towards her. He was not happy that his dad hired her without him knowing, even though his dad told him that he would take care of any loose ends of his retirement and hiring an assistant was one of them.

They fought their attraction for a while until they couldn’t fight it anymore. And one night leads to even more surprises than an awesome sexual experience for both. Even after that one night they continue fighting.

Amy grew up without much family and now that all of her family is gone she is starting to fall in love with all of the family and not just Lucas. But she is right there with Lucas fighting the attraction. When she takes a test and realizes that their one night made more than just a happy night she is afraid.

What happened that one night and what else did it cause?

Did they stop fighting their attraction for each other?

Did Joseph get a grandchild?

Those are answers you will find when you read the book.

Thank you for reading my review and would love to hear from you.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading


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