Book Review for A Billionaire’s Dance (Billionaire Bachelor #2) by: Melody Anne

A Billionaire’s Dance

Billionaire Bachelor #2

By: Melody Anne




Man, I just love when a billionaire alpha fights his feelings and then falls anyway. That I what happens in this book.

Joseph (the father) wants more grandchildren and wants to see his boys settled and happy. The boys didn’t want any part in settling down, but you can never estimate the power of a parent when they want something.

He set up his son Alex with an old friend of his Jessica. He knew they would be perfect for each other. When Alex went to the fundraiser to appease his father and spend a little time with Jessica so he can say he did his bidding, he never expected to have as big of an attraction to Jessica as he did. He was going to do what ever it took to get her in his bed that night.

Jessica knows that Alex is a player and is still hurt over her last relationship, aside from that he is a virgin. She wants to wait until she gets married. Well, that is what she wanted, but she has no control over herself when Alex puts on the charm. But while they were dancing she fought it with everything she had, when she had enough courage she moved away. She knew she was going to have to be on guard around him.

After the auction was over Alex headed up to his room. He had lost sight of Jessica so he decided to call it a night. Right as the door was about to close Jessica called out to stop the doors. When she noticed who was in there with her she knew she was in trouble. And after the power went out and the elevator stopped putting them in total darkness, she knew she was in trouble because she was afraid of the dark

Things got heated in the dark elevator and lets just say they made magic happen. When the power came back on she didn’t want to hear what a mistake it was and ran. Alex was confused, he had just had the best connection with someone and it was an amazing experience he wanted more. But, she ran.

One year later, Joseph was having lunch with a long time friend (Jessica’s dad). He told him about his new grandson. Joseph started putting things together, and told his friend he thinks the baby was his son Alex. They set up a dinner and Joseph knew from looking at the reaction Jessica had that the baby was Alex’s.

He called his son home and told him about his son. Alex was so hurt and mad that Jessica kept his son from him. He told her they were going to get married because he was not going to be a part-time father. Jessica didn’t like it but she went with it.

As the months went on she was falling more and more in love with Alex. And he was fighting his feelings with everything he had. When she tells him she loves him he pulls away. He feels that if they bring love into the marriage it will ruin everything.

The more he pulls away the more it hurts Jessica. When his father asked them when they were going to have another baby, and Jessica saw Alex tense up and pull away even more she knew she had to leave. She could not stay in this marriage the way it was. She wanted a real family with more babies.

When she confronts Alex he tells her that everything is fine the way it is. What he told her hurt her, and she told him she could not stay in this marriage. Since her son was already asleep she told the nanny that she would be out tonight and will see them tomorrow. When Alex came to the understanding that love would only make their marriage better, and he finally admitted to himself that he loved her, he went to find her to tell her. She was already gone. Then he got a phone call that changed everything he thought he believed.

His wife had been in an accident and was in surgery. His life stopped for a moment and he knew right then that he didn’t want to live his life without her. He had one of the employees call his family while he raced to the hospital. As he waited his dad pulled him aside and talked to him and Alex told him that he had been a terrible husband but he has seen the light and was going to do everything he could to make it up to her.

Once he was in the room with his wife the Dr. told him about the baby. He didn’t even know she was pregnant and he wondered if she even knew. He didn’t even think she did because he knew she would tell him.

When his family comes to see them he tells them about the baby and right after that Jessica wakes up. He tells her he loves her and is so sorry and asked how she would feel if they gave their son a sibling. She agreed to get started right after she got out of the hospital. He then tells her that she is already pregnant.

They are so happy, and Mark the youngest brother is starting to feel left out even though with them he makes it out like he is happy as a clam but everyone has seen that he is faking it. Joseph has found the perfect one for him and I am ready to read the next book to find out what happens.

Thank you for reading my review and would love to hear from you.


Until Next Time: Happy Reading


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