Book Review: A Shade of Vampire 38 (A Power of Old) by: Bella Forrest

Come and take a journey with me to The Shade and Nevertide to find out what has been going on.


A Shade of Vampire:38

A Power of Old

By: Bella Forrest





Wow!!!!!! What a book. It was packed full of all kinds of secrets and action.

I have been rooting for Hazel and Tejus for so long and now I feel so sorry for both of them. They have finally admitted they love each other and with Hazel turning into a Sentry she can’t even be near him without hurting him.

I will be glad when she gets her mind-syphoning under control. I know she feels alone and her and Tejus need to be able to touch and be close so they don’t get pushed apart. That will break my heart more than anything if they get pulled apart. I want them to get married and move back to The Shade (well, when they can get rescued.)

We find out even more about Queen Trina (The Evil Bitch). She is even more crazy that I thought she was. I cannot wait to see who takes her down and honestly I hope it is Tejus, especially after what was said in this book. I want him to be the one to do it and make it very painful.

I also feel sorry for Ash and Ruby. They had plans to go back to The Shade when they were rescued, but with him being the new king and trying to become the new emperor I don’t see that how that is going to go. I don’t think Ruby will want to stay there either. They also want to be very close but after Tejus and Hazel, there is no way they will attempt it. I am rooting for them too.

I really hope that Hazel ends up with fire power along with her Sentry power. Since they say she is a strong Sentry, I hope she is very powerful.

I am also so happy to see that Benedict is free from the entity but that means that the entity is strong enough to rise on its own. Things are not looking good for Nevertide. I just hope the kids and Tejus, and Ash get rescued before anything bad happens to them.

I know I am going this blog a little different but I wanted to give my thoughts and not just facts in the book, because when you give a lot of facts a lot of people wont read it because they can read a blog and get the jest of the story. I want you to be intrigued to want to read it.

I cannot wait until January 29,2017 for the next book. The entity is coming and it is not going to be good.

Thank you for reading my blog would love to hear from you.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.


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