Book Review: The Billionaire’s Final Stand (Billionaire Bachelor’s #7) by: Melody Anne

This is an amazing book, it is the final book of the Anderson family about their lives but not the final book of the Anderson’s. Join me on a heartbreaking journey.


The Billionaire’s Final Stand

Billionaire Bachelor’s #7

By: Melody Anne


When the head of the Anderson family, Joseph, gets into a life-changing automobile accident, his family struggles to find a way to survive if he doesn’t come out of the coma the accident has placed him in.

Austin Anderson is used to being single, but slowly he’s watched his siblings and cousins find true love, leaving him the final Anderson without a spouse. That’s all about to change when he meets Kinsey, who has him chasing her all across town. This couple has passion, love, and excitement, and both are determined to make it on their own, though, they are so much better together.

Listen to the heartfelt reminiscing of Katherine as she tells the story of her romance with Joseph as she sits by his bedside, never losing faith that he’ll come back to her.

Laugh along with the large family as they turn the tables and start plotting
against George as he tries to hide his growing feelings for Esther.

This final chapter in the Anderson family will leave you laughing, crying, and on a roller coaster of emotion as you once again step back into the world of the Anderson’s.

Family always comes first to the Multi-Billionaire’s of Seattle.



The first thing I need to tell you about this book is to have some tissues handy when you read it. You will cry throughout this book. At one point I was bawling my eyes out. It was so heart wrenching painful to read. This was three amazing stories in one.

You get to learn about Joseph and Katherine’s beautiful love story, and you get to watch Austin and Kinsey fall and run from each other, and last but not least you get to watch George and Esther finally quit hiding from their family.

Joseph and George are taking a joy ride talking about what they are going to do about Austin and Kinsey when they are in an automobile accident. Kinsey fights with the doctor about Joseph telling him that he needs to have some test done. He tells her to discharge him and she goes behind his back to order the stuff she knows he needs. It is in her gut feelings that something is not right. Luckily she goes with it because as Joseph stands up he collapses. He is rushed into surgery and falls into a coma. While he is in a coma Katherine tells her family about how her and Joseph met and the trials they went through to be together. It was good for her to talk about it. It made her feel even closer to him.

Austin has been after Kinsey ever since the night of his brother’s wedding. He can’t get her out of his head. Every time she is near his body reacts and he needs to be with her. She is driving him nuts because she keeps running away. They go on a journey that will have you screaming for her to stop and love him. There is also some very intense love scenes as well.

George and Esther keep hiding their relationship from his family. He wants to shout it from the rooftops that he loves her and wants to marry her but she keeps telling him that it is not the right time. The kids get together and start talking about their run-ins with them. They decided to give a little payback to him. They run interference with them and will not allow them to be alone, thinking that it will make them come clean.

Read about that journey and how it turned out. Also read about Austin and Kinsley and how they ended things. Were they together in the end or did she run him off? Listen to the heartfelt story from Katherine that will have you laughing and crying when she is telling her love story from the past.

This is an amazing book. I highly recommend this book. Hell, I recommend the whole series.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.

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