Book Review: Rescued by love: Jake Ryder (Love In Bloom: The Ryders Book 4) By: Melissa Foster

Another amazing book by Melissa Foster. If you have not read this book yet I suggest you grab a copy today. It is sexy, and funny. Go get your copy today.


Rescued by Love: Jake Ryder

Love In Bloom: The Ryders: Book 4

By: Melissa Foster


As the daughter of a world-renowned fashion designer, Addison West enjoyed a privileged life attending the most sought after parties, traveling around the world, and having anything she wanted. Until she broke free and went against her father’s wishes, needing to prove to herself–and to him–that she could make it on her own. Now she’s ready to take her adventures in a new direction and sets her sights on roughing it in the wilderness.

Jake Ryder followed in his father’s footsteps as a top search and rescue professional. He spends his days saving those in need and his nights in the arms of willing women who offer nothing more than a few hours of sexual enjoyment. Just the way he likes it.

When Jake’s sister-in-law calls and reports her best friend missing, it’s up to Jake to find her and bring her home. But Addison isn’t lost, and she sure as hell isn’t going to be told what to do by an ornery mountain man with whom she’d spent one torrid weekend after her best friend’s wedding. Jake has never left anyone behind–will Addison be his first failed rescue?



Can you say Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!! That is what you will experience when you read this book.

Jake and Addie have been flirting ever since they met at a get together with his siblings. His brother was getting married to Addie’s best friend. He had tried to serve himself up on a silver platter for her, but she would not give in. That is until the night of his brother’s wedding.

Jake is a playboy, but his is fierce and loyal to the ones that matter. His heart is his family and search and rescue, that is until the night he met the sexy, smart-mouthed Addie. After he met her he could not be with another woman. She intrigued him too much for him to get with another woman. He wanted her more than he knew and every time they were near each other she set his body on fire.

Addie grew up having her father do everything for her and her mother. He made all of the decisions and she hated it. Her grandmother told her about her first marriage and how much they were in love, and she made Addie promise on her death-bed that she would not settle for anything but her storm. When Addie finished college she refused her trust fund and went against her parents and did everything on her own. She didn’t want anyone to tell her how to live and what to do. After he met Jake she fought with everything she had to not go to bed with him. She knew he would be her undoing and she could not have that in her life.

The night of Duke and Gabriella’s wedding Jake made a play for Addie. He wanted her in the worst way and was tired of her turning away. They all sat around the table and was playing a drinking game and everyone left except for Jake and Addie. They talked for a while then things turned hot. They woke up the next morning on the ground not to far from where they had started. She was mortified of the fact that Gabriella’s family might have seen her. She had told him it was only going to be a one night stand to get the wanting out of their system. Boy had she been wrong.

During the rest of their time on the island they spent just as much time under each other than they did with other people. Things got very hot between them. She was about to go on a ten-day camping/hiking trip in the mountains by herself. He wanted her to stay or to let him go with her but she was stubborn and independent. Jake tried everything he could to get her to change her mind but she refused. She was going on this trip to find herself or that piece that was missing that she didn’t know about.

Now, I am going to stop right there so you don’t know the whole story, but she does go on the trip by herself as you see in the description of the book, but when no one can get a hold of her for a couple of days, what happens? That is what I want you to read and find out for yourself.

Also, does she do the whole ten days by herself or does she leave early?

Do her and Jake quit fighting their feelings and finally give in?

Those are things for you to find out for yourself. You will laugh a lot in this book and you will get all hot and bothered with all of the steamy sex. I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Would love to hear from you

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.

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