Book Review: The Tycoon’s Proposal (Baby for The Billionaire, Book 3) by: Melody Anne

Continue on the journey with me as we see Ryan go from trying to get revenge on an old ex to falling at her feet.


The Tycoon’s Proposal

Baby for the Billionaire, Book 3

By: Melody Anne


Nicole Lander has no choice but to contact Ryan Titan, the boy she had loved beyond compare when she was a teenager. Her sister was in desperate need of a heart operation, or she would not live more than six months. Nicole had lied to

Ryan when they were teen’s because she had not wanted him to find out about the abuse she was going through from her father.
When Ryan Titan gets the call from Nicole, needing his help, he is ecstatic. He would finally get to exact his revenge for her dumping him for not being good enough for her. He will help out her sister, but she will pay him back every night until he is done with her. The problem is that he has never felt about any other woman the way he feels about Nicole, and his revenge is turning into him wanting to walk her down the aisle.



I thought that Ryan was really sweet in the other books, but in this one that is about his life he is kind of mean. I know it is from being hurt so badly by Nicole, but when you read the story you will understand why he did it and it makes him look even meaner. But, he does come around and he has so much passion for her. She is almost as bad keeping him at bay and fighting him at every turn because she thinks he is just punishing her. He really does still love her and she still loves him even though for most of the book they fight it with everything they have. It is a sad journey, but with a happy ending. I hope you go and get your copy today and go on the journey with Nicole and Ryan as they fight, make love, and work together to save her sister.

Thanks for reading my review and would love to hear from you.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.

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