Book Review: The Lost Tycoon (Baby for The Billionaire, Book) By: Melody Anne

Join me on the last book of this series. There is a lot of love and action in this book. It will keep you on your toes and keep you turning the pages.


The Lost Tycoon

Baby for The Billionaire, Book 5

By: Melody Anne


Fighting to survive, Misty Elton takes one look at the man standing in front of her and knows she needs to make a decision – does she want to live? Discovering that her boyfriend is storing enough drugs to supply a small country, she looks for an escape route. He’s standing in the doorway – standing in the way of her freedom.
Mystic has nothing left – no family, no friends, no one she can rely on. She is all alone and frightened. Managing to get past her ex, she flees, running to the other side of the country, landing in Seattle, she changes her appearance, her name, her life.

After a year, she begins to feel safe. Her ex won’t find her. She’s beginning to pick up the pieces of her once shattered existence and carve out a new world for herself.

That is, until a tall, well-dressed man shows up at her job and tells her they need to talk – and he knows her real name. Fleeing to get away from him, she rushes to the back room and grabs her Taser. When she hits him with it, she thinks she’s home free.

She’s not.

All Mystic has done is really tick off Bryson Winchester, and all he’s trying to do is help her by getting her scum of an ex off the streets.

Mystic has a choice to make. Is this a man she can believe in? Is any man worthy of her precious trust? She’ll find the answers, though they may not be what she expects or wants – her entire world is about to be turned upside down, because not only will she find there are some men out there worth trusting – she will find out the secret of her birth – the reality of who she really is.

Some things should stay in the past – and others… Other things will come back with a vengeance.


Man this was a great ending to this series. I hated everything that Misty had to go through with that psycho, but she did find love in the end. She was in an orphan and in a very abusive relationship with a dirty cop. She didn’t know at the time that he was a dirty cop but it didn’t take long for her to find out. By then he had too much power over her. He took way more abuse that I would ever be able to handle.  She kept a little bit of her money put away and when she had enough she bought a car. She was planning her escape. She was cold and looking for sweater and found a lot of drugs that she didn’t know he had, he came in and caught her.He was trying to get her because he was gong to punish her for snooping but that is not what she was doing. She managed to escape and even though it was a few days early she had everything prepared in her car that he didn’t know anything about.

Once she was away she changed her hair color and wore contacts to disguise her eyes. She had a fake ID made and used it to be able to work. After a year she was beginning to relax. She had let her natural color come back and while she was at work someone called her by her real name. She got scared that her ex had found her and sent someone to get her. She went into the break room and got out her taser, she ended up tasing him and it turned out to be a FBI  agent. They needed her help in putting her scum of an ex away. She was weary at first but she decided to testify to get him put away.

While she was giving her deposition she revealed that she was left with a note that said to look up her brother Damien when she got older. That made Bryson raise his eyebrows, because he knew of a Damien who was looking for his sister who would be about her age. They had put her in witness protection and he stole a glass with her DNA on it and had it tested and the results were that she was his friend Damien’s sister.

He called Joseph to tell Joseph that he found Damien’s sister and Joseph came and visited with Misty scaring her because she still thought that it might of not been real, her having a brother. Bryson was upset that Joseph came and ambushed her but he knew Joseph and knew that he was not a patient man.They went to Seattle to meet them and she fell in love with her family, she still had doubts that she was not good enough for them and that they would lose interest in her but Bryson knew that family and knew how much they valued family, she was stuck with them for life.

Her ex finds her and kidnaps her and she remembered that she put her phone in her bra and hoped and prayed that it would go through when she called Bryson, because that was the only person she trusted. Even though they just had a fight she knew she could trust him. Just as the phone was about to ring she heard the door to the room she was in start to open. She stuffed the phone in a hole in the bed so hopefully Bryson would be able to trace it to know where she was. And he was able too.

She had to fight for all she was worth to keep her ex away from her. She had something to fight for now, her family and Brayson. She was not going to let him touch her or kill her. She found a knife and even though he grabbed her ankle and was pulling her to him she fought to get to the knife. She knew she would only have one chance to get away. She didn’t want to kill  him because she didn’t want to take a life but she wanted to wound him enough to get away. She did that and Bryson came in the nick of time.

Things worked out for them on all fronts. Her ex was in jail and Bryson asked her to marry him and she said yes.

This is an awesome book and to me one of the best in this series. I highly recommend this one.

Thank you for reading my review and would love to hear from you.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.

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