Book Review: Hidden Treasure (The Lost Anderson’s, Book 2) by: Melody Anne

Continue with me on the journey of The Lost Anderson kids and catch up on some of my favorites, Joseph and George Anderson.


Hidden Treasure

The Lost Anderson’s, Book 2

By: Melody Anne


The second book in the Lost Anderson series is here, and it comes to you with a kicking and screaming heiress.
Brielle Storm inherits a dilapidated ranch in the wilds of Montana and she isn’t happy about her situation in the least. She may be moving to her new home, and she may be planning on doing whatever it takes to make her billionaire father happy, but she certainly won’t be doing it with a smile on her face.

No. Brielle plans on coming to Montana, hiring some ranch hand to do all the work, and then getting out of there before the first winter snow has a chance to hit.

Montana isn’t a state that offers predictable weather and Brielle is going to find out that the land isn’t the only thing she has to fear.

When her hotter than any city boy ever dreams of being, cowboy neighbor shows up on her doorstep, Brielle decides that maybe Montana isn’t so bad after-all.

That is until he laughs openly at her city girl ways. Then, she has something to prove…



Whew, this book was a roller coaster of emotions.

Now, as I told you in the last book Richard Storm had gotten some very bad news from his doctor and instead of telling his kids he was dying he told them he had taken them out of his will and that he had froze his trust funds and cancelled their credit cards, but they could get it all back if they did as he asked, and that was to take a failing business and turn it around.

Well, little miss spoiled rotten (or at least that is what she portrays herself as anyway) she refuses his offer. She moves to DC and gets a job at a retail store, when the shop closes up she can’t find another job so she has no choice but to go to her dad and accept his proposition. She hates every minute of it but she has to live there for a minimum of a year so she has to do what she has to do to turn the place around so she can get out of there and get back to the city. Little does she know that she will not make it back to the big city nor will she want to.

Colt lived next door and was promised this ranch from the man who lived there but he didn’t have that same promise with his wife and since her husband died first he didn’t get the land he has wanted for a long time. He was very wealthy and really didn’t need it but he wanted it. He vowed he would do anything he had to do to get the spoiled princess to leave so he could buy it. That proved to be harder than he thought because Brielle is very stubborn. She doesn’t know it yet but that is the Anderson blood that is running though her that makes her that way.

She thinks that Colt works for her and he doesn’t tell her any different. Over the months that she is there no one will listen to her and it is driving her crazy. Finally she gets one guy to help her other than Colt. She is trying hard to learn something so when her dad comes to visit she can show him that she really is trying.

Colt is slowly falling for Brielle, but tries to fight it. He has yet to tell her the truth about who he is. She breaks down one day and tells him what happened to her when she was thirteen and it draws him to her even more. They can not keep their hands off of each other and make their nights memorable.

When they go to the festival he tells her he loves her and she tells him the same. Everything seems to be working out great for them, but the guilt of not telling her is weighing on Colt very bad, every time he tries to tell her he freezes up. He knows he has to tell her soon because they live in a small town.

One day Brielle goes to the salon for a pedicure and she finds out exactly who Colt is. She is so angry that he would do that to her especially after all of this time. And the fact that the whole town knows what he is doing makes it even worse. She goes to his house and confronts him and tells him that it is over. After she learns the true reason why he was doing what he was doing she leaves and tells him it is over.

Then her dad shows up with his brother’s and shocks her all over again. He tells her that he is going to see Crew next and tell him that he is their last stop and she tells him that she wants to go with him, that she needs to get away for a while. He tells her he would love to have her. She needed to get away from Colt showing up everyday begging her to give him another chance. She needed to decide what she was going to do. She is thinking about selling him the ranch since that is what he really wants anyway.

But what she is not getting was the day they did the harvest at her house and she accidentally set the combine and the wheat field she was cutting on fire he said goodbye to the ranch that there was no way that he would try to take it from her. He had seen how much she has grown and he was so happy and proud of her. But she wouldn’t let him explain.

Going to stop there and let you find out how it ended.

Did she come back and talk to Colt and work things out?

Did Colt even try after she wouldn’t talk to him for all of that time?

Those are things you will find out when you read the book.

Thanks for reading my review, I hope it helped you decided to read the book. I would love to hear from you.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.


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