Book Review: Holiday Treasure (The Lost Anderson’s, Book 3) by: Melody Anne

Continue on this journey with me as we watch Richard and his brothers work behind the scenes to fix up his children with their forever loves. This is the third book and we have two to go.


Holiday Treasure

The Lost Anderson’s, Book 3

By: Melody Anne


Mega wealthy Tanner Storm has it all – great looks, wealth, and nothing holding him down. Then, his father decides to play games with him and his siblings, handing him an apartment complex in downtown Seattle that Tanner wants nothing to do with. When the conditions of his father’s terms ensure that he do something with this building or lose his inheritance, he at first thinks, so what. But, then it becomes a challenge that he has to accept, because he’s never before backed down. He decides to tear down the building and start fresh with something far more appealing that will add to his already fat wallet. The only problem is that the residents don’t want to leave, and under the contract with his father, he can’t force them out. When he ends up before Judge Kragle from all the complaints made against him, the judge decides the best punishment for him will be two weeks of living in the very apartment complex he despises and two weeks of community service, playing Santa Claus at the mall. Perfect! This is not the Christmas of his dream. The plot thickens when he meets his neighbor, Kyla and falls into instant lust. Will this turn out to be Tanner’s secret angel, or will he forget all about her the minute he leaves? Enjoy this Anderson Christmas Novel from NYT Best Selling Author Melody Anne who wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and an even happier New Year.


So far I thought Brielle was the worst of the children but now I have to say that award goes to Tanner. But, one thing i can say about Tanner was that he was making his own money before his father made these demands on all of them.

Just incase you have not read this series or any of my other blogs, Richard Storm has failed his children, even though they are all grown they still live mostly off of their trust funds, so he has decided to freeze all of their trust funds and take them out of his will unless they take these failing business that he bought and turn them around for a profit.He is doing this so they can see what they are really worth and start to grow closer again.So far it is working, let’s see what happens with the rest.

Tanner was given an apartment complex that is very run down. He wants to tear it down and build something that the people living in their now can’t afford to live in. For Tanner it is all about the money. His father put certain stipulations in the paperwork that he can’t force the tenants to move but he can offer them a nice moving package of money to try to get them to clear out. Some people take him up on that but most don’t.

He has to go to court because he is allowing them to live in conditions that are not good for them to be living in because he wants them to leave, so the judge (whom you find out in the end of the book is good friends with Tanner’s dad and uncle) tells him he has to spend three days in jail, and 24 days in the same building that his tenants are living in, and he has to be Santa for community service and is placed under house arrest. And he can not do any upgrades to his own apartment before moving in. If he wants to do something to his apartment he has to do all of the other apartments first.

Tanner is furious but he has no choice to do it, the first day he moves in he meets his neighbor and she is not bad to look at, so he starts to decide that maybe this wont be such a bad jail sentence. Kyla (his neighbor) also works as an elf part-time with Tanner. He really starts to like her but he keeps telling himself he just wants her in his bed. Though she has no idea who he is. She starts to show him that life is not all that bad on their level. He doesn’t know it but she starts to change him little by little everyday and when they end up in bed that kind of seals the deal even though he doesn’t know that since he keeps fighting his feelings, and trust me he fights them up till the very end.

He meets a little boy while he was playing santa who made him stop and think, and also met that same little boy at his apartment complex. He tears Tanner and Kyla’s heart into. He is a sweet little guy and when his grandmother got put in the hospital and he had to go to child services Kyla tried to get them to let him stay with her but they pulled him away and it about broke her.

What does Tanner learn by staying at the apartment and spending time with Kyla?

What happens when Kyla finds out exactly who Tanner is?

What happens to little Billy?

Do Tanner and Kyla have a happy ending or does he tear the building down and ruin everything?

These are answers you will find when you get your copy of the book and find out for yourself.

Thank you for reading my review and i would love to hear from you.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.

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