Book Review: Priceless Treasure (The Lost Anderson’s, Book 4) by: Melody Anne

Four books down and one to go to finish out this series. Continue on this journey with me as we watch all of the Storm men fall in love.


Priceless Treasure

The Lost Anderson’s, Book 4

By: Melody Anne


Ashton Storm had always possessed a sense of humor, but he tended to be more thoughtless and self-absorbed than his other siblings. He skated along through life, enjoying the finer things. That was until one day his father had enough and gave him an ultimatum. He either did his father’s bidding, or his ride on easy street came to an instant stop.

Though Ashton fought against doing what his father demanded, he finally caved in and took the small boating company his father gave him and made it a multi-billion dollar corporation. Now, he’s back on easy street and he’s alone – but for how long?

Richard Storm was disappointed when his matchmaking plans for his son Ashton and the very sexy, smart, somewhat clumsy, Savannah Mills didn’t work out. But no other woman seemed to be catching his son’s eyes.

Fate has a funny way of working out though, and maybe, just maybe, Richard hadn’t been wrong about Ashton and Savannah being the perfect couple. Because they’re about to finally meet.



I hated to not be able to give a full five stars with this book, but i was into this book. Usually I have been reading two books in a day and a half, but this one took me a lot longer. I liked Ashton, and Savannah, but taking the whole book to finally get together for good was daunting. One of the books it would have been nice if they got together sooner, had the wedding and the baby in the book, like some of the Anderson’s books.

I am not sure why Ashton thought he had to have the perfect wife, with blue-blood kids when none of the others are that way. That was another thing that confused me. I am glad it worked out in the end but i could have had a little more of them actually being together.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.

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