Book Review: Turbulent Intentions (Billionaire Aviators, Book 1) by: Melody Anne

Join me on another adventure about some wild brothers who had to grow up. It also has Joseph Anderson in it if you are like me and love that man. This is the first book. I hope you will join me on discovering a new group of hot men to woo us.


Turbulent Intentions

Billionaire Aviators, Book 1

By: Melody Anne


The Armstrong brothers are wealthy, wild-at-heart bad boys—until their father’s will demands they prove themselves and marry in order to inherit their fortune.

Eldest brother Cooper channels his reckless spirit into becoming CEO of his own airline. The only thing better than the adrenaline rush of flying is his one-night stand with a stunning stranger. At first he doesn’t recognize the fiery barista he clashes with years later at an airport coffee shop. But when Stormy Halifax turns up as his new house sitter, Cooper knows she’s his Cinderella. And he doesn’t just want her in his mansion. He wants her back in his bed.

Stormy can’t believe she’s living under Cooper’s roof. Gorgeous and arrogant, he’s convinced she’ll surrender again—and he’s right. But just as Stormy is succumbing to a world of pleasure, her trust is shattered. And the biggest challenge Cooper has ever faced will be proving he wants Stormy, now and forever, for all the right reasons.

Turbulent Intentions was originally published as Below the Radar – The Billionaire Aviators. This edition has been completely edited and revised, including significant plot changes.



I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this series at first, but then I started reading it and finished it in one day. I could not put it down.

Cooper is the eldest of the brothers and though they were all wild, after his father died, he knew he had to grow up and prove his father wrong. He loved flying so he made that a career. He didn’t want to work for anyone though so he bought his own airline. He loves his job, and he loved the one night stand he had at a wedding at Joseph Anderson’s house of one of his nephews. She snuck off in the middle of the night and he never got her name. She had dropped a necklace that she made and Joseph gave it to him. he kept the necklace in his pocket for good luck. When he ran into Stormy again he didn’t recognize her because when he was with her she had blonde hair. But, he felt a pull toward her anyway.

His uncle had become very good friends with Stormy and when she was in need of a place to stay Joseph and Sherman came up with a plan to get the two kids together. If you have read the Billionaire Bachelor series you will know Joseph and how he loves to meddle into people’s love lives. But, he had told Sherman that Stormy looked familiar but he could not place her. And his was the same as Cooper. She had blond hair back then.

Well, the plan was for her to move in Cooper’s guesthouse after he got Cooper to agree he talked Stormy into it as well. The night before she was supposed to move in Sherman and Joseph snuck into the cabin and broke the water pipe in the kitchen so it flooded and she would have to stay in the house.

After she moved in and she was looking at pictures she saw Cooper and she said she would not be able to stay there, but her friend talked her into staying. When Cooper came back from his run he noticed something different, he heard someone walking around upstairs. When he went to see who it was he was floored that it was the girl at the coffee shop. Now his new housemate wasn’t looking so bad, but he still had a feeling that he knew her. After they kissed he knew he had been with her but still couldn’t place it. She wouldn’t tell him anything.

When he was at the gym with his brother he told him that he had not seen him this messed up since the day after his night with the mystery girl, right after he said that Cooper knew that she was his Cinderella. He left and wanted to confront her, she still didn’t tell him. After a few days Cooper could not take it and he finally got it out of her.

Their sex was as hot as always but Stormy was trying her best not to get to close, she didn’t want to get hurt when Mr. Playboy Pilot got tired of her. But that is not how things worked out, he fell for her and fell hard, but she overheard a conversation and took it the wrong way and left him, with a note and a sonograms telling him he was going to be a father.

Now this is where i am going to stop because there is a lot of scary stuff that happens. But, you can pick up a book today and get started with this series. There are only two books out so far so you will be able to catch up.

Thanks for reading my review.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.

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