Book Review: You’re Still The One (Ribbon Ridge, Book 6) by: Darcy Burke

Thank you for going on this journey with me watching these siblings find their way home to each other and finding their forever love. I hate that this series is over with, but I am glad that the Ribbon Ridge stories are still coming. Keep following me and we will go on that journey together as well.


You’re Still The One

Ribbon Ridge, Book 6

By: Darcy Burke


USA Today bestseller Darcy Burke concludes her Archer family saga with a second chance at first love…

Everyone thought college sweethearts Bex Holmgren and Hayden Archer were headed for the altar… until a tragic accident sent young Bex running from a future she wasn’t ready to claim. But when she’s offered her dream job at Archer Brewing, Bex can’t pass up the chance to reconnect with the big, crazy family that once welcomed her with open arms—and the one man she’s never stopped loving.

When he returns home after a year in France, Hayden is less than thrilled to find his ex-girlfriend working for his family’s company. He’s finally moved on, and being around her rekindles long-buried feelings he’d rather ignore. But Bex isn’t the same girl he knew—she’s more mature, more beautiful, more tempting than ever—and he can’t resist the pull of the intense passion he’s only ever shared with her.

Have five years changed them enough, or are they doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past? The only thing Bex knows for sure is that for her, Hayden is still the one.


I hate that this series is over because I fell in love with the whole family, but I must say what an ending to this set. I cried and laughed, and my heart hurt in a lot of places.

Hayden  never felt like he fit into his family. He was always called the “oops” kid. Even though his family was kidding when they called him that he felt unwanted. He never told anyone that and in feeling his way when he saw a chance to feel wanted he took it and cost him the love of his life. He was a mess for a long time after, then his brother died and it made him forget about his lost love, that was until she came back into the picture When he came back from France it looked like everything had changed. All of his sibling were paired off either married or engaged, and they were doing great being back home. It didn’t look like they missed him or needed him there. He was offered a job opportunity back in France and from the looks of things he might take it. He tried to fight the feelings that were trying to come to the surface from being around her. He couldn’t fight them.

Bex has always been alone, even growing up her parents pretty much ignored her. When she got with Hayden when they were in college she was very overwhelmed with his huge meddlesome family, but she stuck it out because she loved Hayden. When an accident happens that in her mind sets her free, she ran. Now, five years later she is offered a job with his family doing the job that she loves to do. Being around this family again and especially Hayden, she realizes that she has fallen in love with Hayden if she ever was out of love with him, and his family. She is tired of being lonely and wants to be a part of them. The only problem is that Hayden has moved on and doesn’t want to get back together.

Hayden and Bex fell into a sex casual fling and that was fine for Hayden because he was too afraid to give her is heart again. But, for Bex it was not ok. She wanted all of him. Hayden and his best friend and his brothers were talking about starting their own vineyard. That has always been Hayden’s dream but didn’t think it would happen then. Cameron (Hayden’s best friend) wants to do anything that will keep Hayden here. So they buy a vineyard and Hayden turns down the job in France.

Little did either of them know that Hayden’s parents set up Bex coming home to try to get Hayden to stay. They figured they both still loved each other and that if he fell in love with her again that he would stay. After Hayden finds out what they done he blew up. But he had already told Bex that they were not going to work that he didn’t love her anymore. She was planning on leaving so Hayden could be happy. His family loved Bex and hated for her to leave. After Hayden let some of his emotions out he left and went back to France to get his stuff. He had told his family when he got back to leave him alone. Give him some space.

What happened to Hayden and Bex?

What happened to Hayden and his family?

Did Hayden ever spill what was on his chest?

Those are some questions you will find the answers too after you read the book. I loved this family and I really hope that are in the next part of Ribbon Ridge series that is out. I am sure Hayden will be in it considering this new series involves is best friend and his brothers. Considering they all bought a vineyard together. It would be nice to hear about the others as well.

Thank you for reading my review and if you have read the book and loved it as much as I did please leave a comment and let me know what you thought about the book.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.

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