Book Review: Sweet Harmonies (A Hope Falls Novel, Book 2) By: Melane Shawn

This is about the second book in this series. If you love reading about friendship and love then these books are for you, go grab your copy today.


Sweet Harmonies

A Hope Falls Novel, Book 2

By: Melanie Shawn



Karina Blackstone wants to leave her chaotic life of fame and record labels behind. She is moving back to Hope Falls to concentrate on her songwriting by returning to a life that is without complications. She can’t imagine anything more wonderful than “simple.” That is, of course, until she meets a tall blonde hunk who completely redefines her concept of wonderful…

Ryan Perkins moved to Hope Falls for one reason – to help his Granny Sue Ann run her cafe. He wasn’t looking for romance. The moment he meets dark-haired beauty Karina Blackstone, however, his priorities shift. Now he’s on a mission. Come hell or high water, he’s going to show the stunning superstar that this small town boy is worth settling down with.


It must be really hard for a celebrity to be able to trust, especially when there were some things in your past to make you doubt people to start with. That is what Karina faces. She was tired of the way her life was going and she felt like she was losing herself everyday that she had to put on this fake persona. She wanted to get back to the person she was before all of the fame. So she moved back home, bought a house and started working on finding herself again. Then one day she was in the cafe and met Ryan, her whole world turned upside down. She could not form words to save her life, then when he sang for them her world spun on is axis. She was so mesmerised by him and it threw her. She ran out of the cafe crying and she didn’t even know what she was crying about, but her friends that were there saw this and they knew that Ryan was the one for her. They worked really hard on getting them together. Then when things started looking good in walked an old friend with benefits to Karina. He was acting like they were so in love and it was driving her friends nuts. Ryan didn’t really get bothered by it until it was plastered on the cover of a magazine. That is when he told Karina she had to choose. Either him in her whole life or not at all. Going back a little bit they had done a duet on stage at the festival and it went viral when it was posted on you tube. Her manager and record label wanted to sign Ryan but he wanted to talk to Karina, then a big debacle came up and he thought he had ruined it with her, she thought she had ruined it with him. She refused his calls and his visits because she didn’t want to hear him say it was over. ┬áHe tried to fix things with her when her friends come to him to see what was going on and they told him what she was feeling. He worked with them to put a surprise together for her. She was so happy she could not believe she was with Ryan again. Then that is when the paper came up and she wanted to keep him private and let the public think she was with the friend with benefits, that is when he told her she had to choose. And he left her standing there.

So what happened? Who did she choose? Does she get the deal she has been wanting since she moved back home with her job? All of that will be answered when you read the book?

Thanks for reading my review. Would love to hear from you.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.

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