Book Review: Sweet Victory (A Hope Falls Novel, Book 3) by: Melanie Shawn

This is the third book in this series. I fell in love with Sam and Luke and I know you will too. Get your copy today.


Sweet Victory

A Hope Falls Novel, Book 3

By: Melanie Shawn



Samantha Holt has spent her entire life focused on her career as an Olympic snowboarder – to the point that she’s never even had a boyfriend. Now the auburn-haired beauty has taken an early retirement to focus on her personal life, which is about to get a lot more interesting when a sexy man from her past comes to town. Can she trust him enough to be her first?

Luke Reynolds has moved back to the Sierra Nevadas to be closer to his family. A big bonus is the chance to finally be close to Samantha Holt, the girl he’s been interested in for the entire ten years he’s known her. Their snowboarding careers have put them in close proximity before, but Sam seems to have walls up when it comes to him. The bright blue eyes and sexy scruffiness that melt other women’s’ hearts seem to have no effect on her. Will Luke be able to show her that it’s safe to let her guard down?


Man I fell in love with this book. It was sweet, innocent, and sexy all in one.

Sam was a professional competition snowboarder. All of her adult life she was living with her coach/manager and did nothing but train and compete. She is twenty-seven years old and had never had a boyfriend. When she was a teenager she was in love with Luke. He was a professional snowboarder and had posters of him all over her room. She told her best friends that she was going to marry him some day. Little did she know that he felt the same way. She told her coach that she was going to retire, he agreed for her to take the year off but to wait to retire until after that year to see if she still felt the same way. She knew she was not going to feel differently but she went along with it to satisfy him. She wanted to move home and find herself. She had always had everything done for her. She never got to live on her own and make her own decisions and she wanted to change that. Her best friend Amanda owned an adventure resort and asked her to be one of the two pro skiers they wanted to hire to work the resort on the new lifts they were making. She was so excited she agreed. Little did she know that her crush was the first applicant to apply.

Luke was a retired snowboarder after a career ending injury. After that he went from resort to resort to be an instructor after that. He was known as a playboy. He was not looking to settle down. One day he met Sam. She was just starting on the scene and his was ending. He was older than her and she was only eighteen and he knew he was too old for her. He tried to speak to her but she ran away. He felt embarrassed because of his age and felt dirty for having feelings about her. But that is something you can’t control is feeling of the heart. He kept tabs on her over the years and after his dad passed away he decided he wanted to be closer to home. So he put feeler out for resorts close to his home. Sam’s manager called him and told him that Sam was taking a year off. He needed to find out for himself that she was ok. He also seen a post about the resort in her home town. That would be perfect because it was close to his family. When he saw Sam that day for the interview he knew this was the right thing. His family was glad he was finally taking his head out of his ass and trying to get Sam.

She didn’t think she was even in his league and she had such a crazy crush it made the first few encounters awkward because she had trouble speaking and staying in the same room with him. He slowly wore her down though and they stating dating. Things were going great, the day of the reopening of the resort, he proposed to her in front of everyone and the television crew. She said yes. That night she lost her virginity and everything was looking great. That was until the next morning when his phone started chiming. And she didn’t want to wake him up so she swiped it to make the noise stop. That is when she saw a text from her manager asking if she agreed to come back. Then the very next second was a text from some female telling him that she missed him and then a text of her boobs. She was so upset that she ran out of the cabin.

When Luke work up to a raging snow storm outside and no sight of Sam he was frantic. Then he found her engagement ring and he panicked even more.

What happened when he finally found Sam?

Did she take the time to listen to him and get his side of the story?

You will find that out when you read the book.

Thanks for reading my review.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.

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