What to read next

Lets get to the next of the fabulous four as she fights against finding love.


Home Sweet Home

A Hope Falls Novel, Book 4

By: Melanie Shawn



Lauren Harrison is used to being the top dog. A high-powered real estate agent dealing exclusively in high-end homes, she is at the top of a very competitive field. That’s why she doesn’t appreciate being talked down to by Ben Stevens, even if he does do it in the most maddeningly charming way ever! Lauren has had about enough of his nonsense, that’s for sure. She wishes he’d just pack up and go right back where he came from. But a small, niggling question in the back of her mind keeps asking her – if that’s all true, why is your stomach full of butterflies every time you see him?

Ben Stevens grew up in circumstances that could most kindly be called “humble.” He hasn’t been handed a single thing in life, he’s had to fight and scrape for every bit of success he’s been granted. Not like Lauren Harrison. He recognizes her type, he saw women like her all the time growing up. Graceful, beautiful, elegant – it was easy to pull off when you had money. Lauren only sees him now as the successful and polished real estate reality show host that he has turned himself into. What would this regal beauty say if she knew the truth about where he came from?

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