Book Review: Snow Days (A Hope Falls Novel, Book 6) by: Melanie Shawn

I hope you have enjoyed this book. If you have not read it yet then you need to get your copy today. Even though this is the sixth book in this series, they can all be read as standalones. I would suggest starting from the beginning, but that is the kind of read I am.


Snow Days

A Hope Falls Novel, Book 6

By: Melanie Shawn



She wanted to feel pleasure…
After twenty-nine years, high school English teacher Amy Maguire realizes something is missing in her life…passion. Always one to tackle a problem head on, Amy makes a plan to remedy her situation. Phase One: find a suitable candidate. Phase Two: experience passion. Simple. Right? Except after countless dates she hasn’t once felt that spark, that chemistry. That is until the sexy new History teacher walks into her classroom…

He wanted to forget pain…
Matt Kellan knows he’ll never love again. After tragically losing his wife five years ago, Matt has been in a holding pattern. Every woman he meets wants to fill a void that he knows will never be filled. Until he meets Amy. Her quest to find fulfillment has nothing to do with letting her into his heart…just his bed.

Passion brought them together. Love may drive them apart.

**Author’s Note: Each Hope Falls full-length novel can be read as a stand-alone**



Amy is one of the quiet ones. She would be happy in a corner reading or people watching. She does not like to be the center of attention at all. But, right after she turned twenty-nine she decided some things in her life needed to change. She got laser eye surgery. Then she started on a project to better herself and to find the passion that she has seen in her friends but has yet to experience it first hand. Her dates that she sets up do not go well at all, in fact every one of them have been a big NO. That is until  sexy teacher comes into her room on his first day there. Then everything changes.

Matt is looking forward to the move and the  new job. He needs to get away from all of the memories of him and his late wife. They are just too much and weighing him down. He is also looking forward to spending some time with his uncle.He is not looking nor does he believe he will ever find love or fall in love again. Jess was his once in a lifetime. That is until he met Amy.

They kept things casual for a while fighting everything they felt for each other. Matt had made it clear that he didn’t ever want a relationship, I mean he was still wearing his wedding band after five years. But, they still continued to be friends even though their attraction was growing by leaps and bounds. When Matt finds out what Amy’s phase two of her plan is he wants to be the one she chooses. He was tired of fighting the attraction and he wanted the physical as well.

When they moved onto phase two things did not slow down instead they heated up even more. They had sparks for days when reading about them being together. The sparks practically jumped off the pages it was so hot. But, like all good things some bad has to come into play and the thing was Amy realized that she was in love with Matt and she needed to stop the being physical or she would lose all of  her heart. She didn’t think she would survive that so she broke it off with him.

What did Matt do? Did he understand and continue his friendship with Amy?

How did Amy take the breakup? How did Matt?

Those are things you will find out when you read the book.

Thanks for reading my review.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.

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