What I’m Reading Next

I have not read any of this authors books before. I was asked to read them for an honest review. All I know is that it is a romantic thriller. It contains violence, sex, and adult language.


Free Bird: A Romantic Thriller

Anna Series, Book 1

By: Lee Alan



Can she ever be free?

Anna Price dreams of escaping her abusive partner and the daily grind of her job. After a devastating confrontation, her dream becomes a reality, but not for long…

Tony Eckerman, the man she used to live with, has secrets—dark, disturbing secrets that threaten to destroy her and everything she cares about. With danger closing in, she will need a strong ally—a man she can finally trust, perhaps even love—but who? Can she win against the odds at the end of her journey of self-discovery and terrifying revelation? Or, will Tony reap a terrible revenge on the one who away?

Free Bird, the first book in the Anna series, is a fast-paced romantic thriller with twists and turns that will keep you gripped to the last page. Buy it now!

This book contains scenes of violence, sex, and strong language. It is not recommended for readers who prefer a gentler romantic story. Also, please be aware that this book contains a cliff-hanger ending. The full story is concluded in books 2 and 3 of the series.

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