Book Review. Free Bird: A Romantic Thriller (Anna Series, Book 1) By: Lee Alan

This is the first book in this series and the first book I have read by this author. If you like romantic thrillers, go get your copy today.


Free Bird: A Romantic Thriller

Anna Series, Book 1

By: Lee Alan



Can she ever be free?

Anna Price dreams of escaping her abusive partner and the daily grind of her job. After a devastating confrontation, her dream becomes a reality, but not for long…

Tony Eckerman, the man she used to live with, has secrets—dark, disturbing secrets that threaten to destroy her and everything she cares about. With danger closing in, she will need a strong ally—a man she can finally trust, perhaps even love—but who? Can she win against the odds at the end of her journey of self-discovery and terrifying revelation? Or, will Tony reap a terrible revenge on the one who away?

Free Bird, the first book in the Anna series, is a fast-paced romantic thriller with twists and turns that will keep you gripped to the last page. Buy it now!

This book contains scenes of violence, sex, and strong language. It is not recommended for readers who prefer a gentler romantic story. Also, please be aware that this book contains a cliff-hanger ending. The full story is concluded in books 2 and 3 of the series.


Anna was in an abusive relationship with a guy named Tony. He was a drunk and very abusive. There is some things about Tony that Anna has no idea about, but she will find out later. One night when she got home from work she just wanted a shower. Tony was supposed to be at work but she found him passed out drunk on the couch. She needed some light to clean up the mess he had made and when she did she woke up the beast. As she tried to get away from him he got her and punched her and made her fall in the shower. She got out and he wanted to play (which meant he wanted her to run from him so he could chase). She ran into the kitchen and he came at her. She grabbed a knife and when he came at her with his fist raised she held her knifed hand out and when she looked back up he was looking at her in shock with the knife handle sticking out from his crotch. He fell and she ran thinking that she had killed him.

She drove away and went to her sisters. As she was driving her car quit, but a little while later it started up again and she was able to make it to her sister’s house. Her sister knew that he was abusive but she could never get her to leave him. She was just glad that she finally did leave him. After a few days they drove back to her apartment and saw that the evidence of her stabbing him was gone, she grabbed some of her stuff and left.

After about a month her sister hinted that it was time to move on with her life. She signed up for classes, and got a gob as a legal assistant. Little did she know what kind of lawyer he was. He was a junky. But, she needed the pay check. On her first day of work no one was there to show her how to turn on the computer or transfer calls. One call was to make sure that the appointment for Congressman she didn’t know what to do and she told the assistant sure. Her boss about flipped out when he came in. The Congressman was very good-looking and gave her his card and told her to call him. They went out for a few weeks before Anna realized that she was being used. By then she had met her professor and had an eye for him. Something kept holding her back from having sex with the Congressman and she knew the reason why when the truth finally came out.

Corey asked Anna to go out with him that evening. He took her to Vegas and they gambled two hundred thousand dollars a piece. Lady luck was not with Anna that night. She was down to her last ten thousand dollar chip and put it in this big slot machine. When the three pyramids popped up and she was told she won a million dollars she was floored. That lead to her and Corey celebrating even more int he bedroom. The next day everything went to hell for Anna.

That is where I am going to stop and let you find out what happened to her. I didn’t know if I would like romantic thrillers, but I have to say I have really gotten into this series. I suggest you grab a copy and see for yourself.

I was given this book to read in place of an honest review.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading. 

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