Book Review

Welcome back to The Shade. Let’s see what adventures they are having this time.


A Shade of Vampire: 40

A Throne of Fire

By: Bella Forrest



Return to the lives of the Novak’s!!!!!

Man, this was one awesome book. I was so glad that the clan from The Shade found the kids. I am also so glad of the relationship of Hazel and Tejus. I am in love with them and I really hope he goes back to The Shade with them when they are able to leave. I am not sure what Ruby and Ash are going to do but, I have a feeling she is going to stay with him. It would be nice if they all went back to The Shade. It also leaves a cliffhanger that will have you screaming at your book, so make sure you are somewhere you wont get looks like you are crazy when you finish the book. I highly recommend this series if you have not read this series yet it is not too late. If you have kindle unlimited you will really love it because you can read them for free.It will not take you long to catch up because you will be so into these books you will want to keep reading. So go and get your copies today.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.

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