Book Review: Whisper of Love By: Melissa Foster

It is so good to be back in the heart of the Braden family. I know you will love this book as much as I did.


Whisper of Love: Tempest Braden

Love in Bloom: The Bradens at Peaceful Harbor: Book 5

By: Melissa Foster



The Bradens are a series of stand-alone romances that may also be enjoyed as part of the larger Love in Bloom series.

Tempest Braden adores her family and her small hometown, but sometimes too much of a good thing can be confining. At almost thirty, having watched most of her siblings find true love, she’s anxious to experience her own happily ever after, and the move to Pleasant Hill, Maryland, is just the change she needs. When she rents a room from ruggedly handsome, and closed-off, artist Nash Morgan and his adorable son, Phillip, she thinks she’s found a little slice of heaven on the outskirts of town, where she can concentrate on building her business. That is, if she can ignore the undeniable heat between her and the sinfully hot single father.

When Nash bought his farmette, he had one goal in mind—to provide a loving, stable home for his son. He never imagined he’d be raising Phillip alone, or renting out a room to keep their heads above water. Then again, he never imagined losing his brother, or spending two years sailing around the world with parents who seemed to forget one son was still alive.

Sparks fly from the moment Tempest moves in, and her positive energy and inquisitive nature brings new life into Nash and Phillip’s quiet, confined world. For the first time in years, Nash wants to let a woman into his world, but while his loss made him stronger, that strength came at a price, leaving him walled off and wary of opening his heart again


This is such an amazing book, but why wouldn’t it be with it being a Melissa Foster book. It is a very heartfelt and emotional book. You will laugh, cry, and sigh during this book at all of the sweet and emotional stuff that is in it. You know I do not like to give out spoilers so I will not go into the book, only I will tell you that you will fall in love with Nash and “Flip” lol, inside joke that you will learn when you read the book. Go grab your copy today if you have not read this book yet I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO SO. 

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