Book Review. 

It’s In His Heart (Red River Valley, Book 1) By: Shelly Alexander

This is this start of an amazing series. I wasn’t sure at first if I was going to like the widow and her deceased husbands best friend getting together but I loved it. They are perfect together and some of the scenes are very hot. Get your copy today.

Ella’s was married and her husband died she was ready to move on and start her life over, but she had one last thing she needed to do before she could. Her husband and his best friend owned a cabin together, she didn’t really get along Cooper, but he meant a lot to Bradley and she knew he would want him to have the cabin, so before she turned the cabin over to him she wanted one last summer in it to say goodbye. She had called Cooper and left him a message telling him she was going to use the cabin for the summer.

Cooper didn’t get that message because he was already at the cabin, due to some legal trouble he was in thanks to an ex he had to sell his house to pay for the legal fees. When Ella’s got there she was in for a surprise. 

Cooper was not happy when he was woken up to an intruder even though she had her own keys, he decided since it was late he would let her stay the next day he would get her car unstuck and send her on her way, that didn’t happen though. They had a rough start but things stated to get better. Ella’s had a secret she was keeping from everyone and hoped that it didn’t get out.

Join Ella’s and Cooper on their adventure of finding each other. It is very hot in some parts and you will fall in love with the people of the town. Grab your copy today.


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