It’s In His Smile (Red River Valley, Book 3) By: Shelly Alexander 

Talmadge and Miranda shared a hot and steamy night seven years earlier when he come home for a wedding. Miranda got him to take her virginity. She had always had a crush on him and he seemed to not know she exsisted, but he had she was just younger than him so he never acted on it. After their night together when they went back to the reception his ex showed up and it crushed Miranda and she told him it was a mistake and hid from him when he would come back to town for visits. Now he was back and she couldn’t avoid him because she was hosting his grandmother’s wake. She had grown close to his grandmother over-the-counter last few years since he didn’t come back home  now he feels like a tool for not coming back, but his job is in trouble and he needs to hurry up and get back there to solve it, but as usual, his grandmother has other plans for him and Miranda, in order for him to get his money he has to stay and help Miranda, and he can’t tell her about it. He starts off by doing it to get the money, but as they grow closet and fall in love he realizes that there is more to life than money. 

Go check out this book very good.


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