Book Review

Wilder (The Mountain men’s Babies) By: Frankie Love

This is a one night stand gone wrong. 

They had a connection that they had never felt before and he didn’t want it to end, but she was running scared of the emotions she was feeling so she would not exchange last names or numbers they only set a date to meet up again a few months later.

Right after that night Wilders life changed. He lost is brother and his wife and gained responsibility for his brothers twin children. He knew that he would not be able to meet Stella because he had responsibilities now, but like always his friends come through for him and tell him they are going to watch the kids so he can go, that their connection was too great to pass by.

Stella was looking forward to seeing Wilder again but also scared because she had to tell him she was pregnant but things didn’t go the way he wanted them to go, she needed to make something of herself first so he left gave her his number and told him to call when she figured out what she wanted.

Things got even more complicated when she found out she was having twins.

How does it turn out? 

Read the book to find out. It is a short but great read. 


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