His First And Last (Ardent Springs, Book 1) By Terri Osburn 

This was a great start to a new series I am looking forward to reading. What would you do when the love of your life leaves vowing to never come back, but after a dozen years returns and you are single again? Right, you go after her and try to win her back. That is what you will find in this book.


More To Give (Anchor Island Book 4) By Terri Osburn 

What would you do when someone from your past shows up and brings back the bad memories that come with Them? That is what Sam is trying to figure out. After reading this I now understand why Sam has been the way he has been in other books. He was hurt in the past and was tied to the island by his inheritance. 

Callie brings back his past but she is going to fight for all she has for the job she applied for. She knows she can do the job, and she won’t let their past get in the way. 

As time goes on Sam and Callie start getting closer and start what they call a casual serial relationship, but that is not how it stays.

Come and join the group on the island and see how everyone is doing and watch to people who were hurt in the past come together.

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Home To Stay (Anchor Island Book 3) By Terri Osburn 

When you read the other books you will come to the same conclusions I did about Willow, while we would be right we never would of seen the rest coming. 

This is an awesome story of them falling in love. Get your copy today.

Book Review

Up To The Challenge (Anchor Island Book 2) By: Terri Osburn 

Lucas was not thrilled to be back on the island he grew up on, especially since he had to be around his ex-fience and hid brother. But with his dad having a heartattack  and needing to be out of work for six weeks he had no choice.

He never  would of thought of seeing someone like Sidney.  She really threw him for a loop when she was told to take the bulky shirt off and just wear her tank top to get better tips. Lucas just about swallowed his tongue because without the man close on she was gorgeous. She had a killer body covered up that no one could see.

Things got heated with them over the time of them being there together and Lucas fell hard for her even though they were supposed to be casual because he would be leaving in a few weeks. Sidney was already head over heels in love with him, had been since high school, but she would not tell him because she knows it wouldn’t do any good. She would just enjoy their time together and use those memories to get her through him leaving.

His leaving came earlier than either one of them was ready for. He didn’t want to leave her but he had no choice, or does he? Read this book to find out what happens to them.

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Meant To Be (An Anchor Island Novel, Book 1) By: Terri Osburn

This is a great start to this series. You will fall in love with the main characters and most of the others, there will be some you won’t be able to stand but you can over look them. 

Lucas is a lawyer working his way to partnership, Beth is his fiance who does whatever anyone else wants to make them happy. Her happiness be damned. They go to his family’s home on a island and he gets called away that same day. She spends the rest of the vacation getting to know his family and the rest of the town. 

Little did Beth know that spending all of that time with Lucas’s brother Joe that she would find herself and her voice, and her happiness. 

Go grab your copy today. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Book Review

It’s In His Arms (Red River Valley, Book 4) By: Shelly Alexander 

This is my favorite book so far. I hope there is more to this series because there is more people I want to see get their HEA. 

Mitchell was the town rebel and people were not happy to see him back in town, even though some of the stuff they were accusing him of he didn’t do….his twin the town hero did. 

A lot of stuff started happening making it look like it was him and the town was turning on him once again, but he kept fighting to make things right and to prove that it was not him. 
Go get your copy today. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

It’s In His Smile (Red River Valley, Book 3) By: Shelly Alexander 

Talmadge and Miranda shared a hot and steamy night seven years earlier when he come home for a wedding. Miranda got him to take her virginity. She had always had a crush on him and he seemed to not know she exsisted, but he had she was just younger than him so he never acted on it. After their night together when they went back to the reception his ex showed up and it crushed Miranda and she told him it was a mistake and hid from him when he would come back to town for visits. Now he was back and she couldn’t avoid him because she was hosting his grandmother’s wake. She had grown close to his grandmother over-the-counter last few years since he didn’t come back home  now he feels like a tool for not coming back, but his job is in trouble and he needs to hurry up and get back there to solve it, but as usual, his grandmother has other plans for him and Miranda, in order for him to get his money he has to stay and help Miranda, and he can’t tell her about it. He starts off by doing it to get the money, but as they grow closet and fall in love he realizes that there is more to life than money. 

Go check out this book very good.